Hinduism :Part-7.

Monotheism and Polytheism Reconciled


My dear young friends, you know that there is one substance we call cotton.

It has no particular form or shape.

Yet you recognise that it is one substance only that you see in one place as a colourful curtain, in another as a bed sheet, then as a table cloth, towel, Kurta, shirt, pyjama, turban, sari etc.

They all have different shapes and functions but yet you know that they are only different forms taken by cotton only.

The one element water is sometimes present as a well in the back garden or a lake or a river or sea or ocean.

Also, it is sometimes seen as mist and fog.

Elsewhere it is seen as fast flowing stream of water or as hard solid ice.

The same water also becomes cold snow and sleet.

It can manifest as cool dew or freezing frost.

Elsewhere it appears formless yet very powerful and hot steam through a boiler.

In a small way you must have seen pressure cooker in your house.

What intense heat and instant cooking power this aspect of water has got! Before the advent of electricity and diesel engines it was the power of steam that made railway trains run in all countries of the world.

You perceive that behind all these different manifestations mentioned above there is only one thing namely water.

Sri Swami Chidananda

To be continued  ......

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