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1. Our Bharatheeya Sarkar is not doing its Home work.
2. There is a department with ministers posted to look in to the matters of pravasis.
3. Those who wish to go in search of jobs abroad must have a know-how of the country's terms and conditions for employment.
4. Center and states are equally responsible to guide the person, and if the candidate is not eligible, stop him or her from the attempt.
5. The individual is more responsible, for his movements, and proceed with all legal awareness.
6. He alone has to face the consequences if he is not in proper channel.
7. The wrong tendency of disobeying laws of the land knowingly,  then make noises, not to be encouraged.
8. The media create unnecessary confusion, and interview wrong persons for situation reports, as the channels may get biased in formations only, actual truth may not be getting! 


1.   Long years of utter neglect of scriptural ( Veadas, Upanisads,---etc) studies and the lack of proper teachers for the educated classes have undermined the Sanatana culture.
2. These have, to an extent, succeeded in distorting, if not destroying, the Hindu culture especially among the rich and the upper middle classes.
3. The great and clear declarations, we misunderstand the true import of the Sruti and murmur that Vedas are full of contradictions and Vague statements.
4. We are the most unsympathetic readers and the most dull-witted students of our   great old Scriptures.
5. The above tragedies have made us today what we are a nation of Hindus where rarely we meet a true Hindu!!!
6. Even the best of them dread to read, and try to understand their own book of the culture, the Upanisads.
7. Upanisads are the very documents revealing the greatest scientific discoveries man ever made of life and the values of life. 
8. Without the Upanisads, Hinduism is not a religion at all!!!
9. Today in …


1.Politicians and media are pouring unnecessary confusion in Bharatham,
2. Saudi-Arabia just thought to implement new job policy, where the companies along with other nationals Saudi citizens also given jobs,
3. This is natural that a country if wish so, in the country's interest,
4. Secondly S.Arabia wants jobs should be strictly under sponsors only, it is also correct, legal.
5. Then why this hue and cry is required?  


1. The crocodile tears from our politicians from T.N.--towards Lankan Tamils, is a political stunt keeping in mind the coming elections.
2. Muralidharan the Srilankan cricketer who married from TN, says: ( in TV channel)"there both Sinhalese and Tamils are living amicably without any tensions between them.
3. The MLAs manhandling of a police officer in Maharashtra, really unwarranted, it is arrogant conduct  liable to be punished,.
4. The students tragedy accident at Rajakad in Kerala, also because of Government total negligence of not providing Road signs warning to road safety.
5. Again negligence from authorities not providing advance warning to all locals near river Bhavani, the Pillur dam shutters opened  and four members of a family was taken away by the flood waters. Mettupalyam-( TN)6. We have an instrument "VOTE", REMEMBER GUYS USE IT WHEN TIME COMES!!!


1. With all education, majority Bharatheeyavasi is under Superstitions,
2. The Horoscope and false notion of the influence of planets on him, 

3. God is some where outside watching his sufferings, and if do some favours to the God he will look after his problems,
4. Temple is a place where he submits his requests, complaints, demands,
5. The Astrologers make huge profit by exploiting this human ignorance,
6. They declare some Rahu or Kethu or Sani  etc is the cause of all miseries,
7. And suggests lot of Pujas, offerings etc to his suggested temples ( where these astrologers have contacts ),
8. So this process is continued as the victim of ignorance run  temple after temple,
9. Finally finding no solution, person, still move towards more and more rituals.
10. These ignorant public do not agree that God is within, and God will not solve their problems, 
11. The solution is in the victim's  mind, just search, how?
12. Dhyanam : ( Meditation ) : this will help to keep the mind under silence, th…


1. It is a tragedy of the decadent Hinduism that this divine word of sacred meaning has come to be misinterpreted  and put to endless abuses.
2. Today we have come to believe that brahmanan means the "son of brahmanan."
3. This interpretation was recognized to some extent, even in the time of Swami Sankracharya, because of the efficient hold of Sanatana-Dharma-Scheme of living,
4. which the brahmanas then strictly  followed.
5. But, once we have fallen away from those values of pure living, 
6. we have deteriorated  in our culture to such an extent, that today it is simply by birth.
7. The qualities required in a true brahmanan are not physical; they are, 
a). to an extent mental; b). to a larger degree intellectual; c). and in the main Spiritual.
8. One who has all these qualities ----Purity of thought, Clarity of reasoning, Sincerity of motives and insatiable eagerness to realize that Spiritual fullness----
9. whether he be in a butcher's seat or in front of sacrificial fire; 


1. Recently passed food security bill, is not adequate, and incomplete,
2. Here in Bharatham there is a rise in  lack of interest in farming,
3. Primarily Government do not encourage its citizens in agriculture,
4. not supporting the farmer in every steps of production,
5. Government's attention is more towards corporate sector,
6. The center reduce the interest rates on loans to very, very low levels,
7. so the companies manufacturing cars, motorbikes are benefited as the sales boomed, all purchases done with loans,
8. the real estate business benefited, as more and more construction of flats, and housing sector prices gone high,
9. many years back only few own cars because of necessary,

10. so also scooters and bikes, today ordinary labourer owns these vehicles,
11. all purchases done by loans, people spent crores of rupees for flats and houses, because of loans,

12. mobile phones: ordinary people possess costly cell phones today, because of loans,
13. see, these loans helped the corporate …


1. Today birds are rarely seen,
2. From villages cattle ( cows and goats) disappeared,
3. Small poultry were there in every village houses earlier, now we see in chicken stalls, imported from neighbouring states,
4. Stray dogs numbers increased, 

5. For birds no trees to build nests, no water to drink as the rivers and water holes empty due to careless exploitation of river sands.

6. For human survival nature with birds and cattle are essential, they are our part of life.
7. All are happy, and think currency make their survival fit,
8. These people either do not know or forgot the "Midas touch story."  where the greedy Midas got a boon, that, what ever he touches becomes gold.  

9.  This experience not far away,  .............?


1. When you cannot provide good roads,
2. When you cannot provide good sewage system,
3. When you cannot provide a solution to garbage disposal,
4. When you cannot think agriculture essential to a country,
5. When you do not save rivers, water holes, and not capable of water management,
6. When you cannot direct your people the importance of your mother tongue,
7. When you cannot provide non-stop power to your people,
8. When you cannot maintain state own transport system,
9. When you cannot develop your citizens in moral and values,
10. What is the use of your governance?
note- The so called politicians  except few majority are ignorant, do not know their job, pass the tenure on people's expense!!!
The week points are many, only few are shown here.The smart city is not necessary to this baseless country, it will not give anything shown above!!!


1. The latest fun: Italian accused (for murder  of innocent fishermen) now say: (is it from the Government?) that,
2. "we should not be arrested on reaching India!!!
3. death sentence will not be on us!!!

4. Is there any courts in the world listen first or agree to this, or take orders from the criminal accused for murder???


1. In modern times we are hearing on all sides especially among the educated classes,
2. that our sacred religion is empty, hollow and useless! ( our democracy and freedom of speech!!),
3. There are some monstrous, book-wise scholars, who in their puffed-up vanities hurl shameless calumnies against this great religion.
4. We have met personally some of them, and when cornered to explain  why they condemn Hinduism,
5. Some of them, at least, seem to come out with a real cause; 
6. They say that they had tried bhakti, and other yogas for a long time continuously, 
7. but they were not able to enjoy even a trace of the joy and happiness which the yoga promised as the reward.
8. Such desperadoes, indeed are in themselves, a sad commentary upon of Hinduism, the science of Self-perfection.


1. The politicians of this country are silly, in no time they pull the center, using their regional numbers of support in a joint front Government.
2. The person whose demands are silly, the person knows this, however to get political mileage do all sorts of buffoonery.
3. We cannot interfere in another nation's internal matters, unless the Government asks, that also requires the consensus of the Parliament.
4. Again a poor face cut by the so called leader whose demand is not reasonable.


1. Once upon a time when I come to this country on vacation ( on school days ), from Chennai, wonder about the water, nature, hills, coolness, these are abundant,
2. The rice we ate was so tasty and superior  ( red/rose color, fragrant ),
3. People were nice, and the land was safe,
4. Everything was pure and simple,
5. Plenty of bananas, jack fruits, mangoes, so lovely to us children,
6. Nothing imported in those days,
7. The whole village at work in the fields, plantations, gardens, etc... no one, we see in the streets wandering,
8. then all of a sudden the whole thing went upside down,
9. The so called revolutionaries came to power, the whole smoothly running system pulled down to the ground,
10. Later the Gulf boom, a new rich started their own share of destabilising things, their view that money can buy any thing and everything other than parents,
11. So the new generation stopped all traditional living system, and turned towards Gulf countries to earn,
12. Thereafter a new mafia started des…


1. The laws are in the book only, no one is aware of the laws.
2. Nor Government is ready to info the citizens, the consequences of breaking our laws.
3. Citizens except few good, the balance are living sharks in the society. ( recent gang rape of Swiss tourist in Madhyapredesh)
4.The foreigners are also mean low about our laws, our own people teach them how to break the laws. ( Bofors scam, copter scam, cargo ship killers of fishermen)
5. From top to bottom are corrupted, rulers themselves break the laws and promote others to their way.   


1. Bharatham still behind is mainly due to lack of  or not progressing Infrastructure facilities.
2. Our God's own country is low in the ladder compared with other neighbouring states.
3. Both in the Center and State the people responsible are blind, totally not bothered.
4. Major requirements,, power, communications, roads system, railways, river management, sueage management, water management, agriculture, garbage management, .........the list is long.
5. The citizens and the governments not bothered about general cleanliness, connected with infrastructure.


1. Many go to temples to submit a list of their grievances .
2. OR to transact some business with the vigraham that "I will offer so-and-so if you fulfill my demand".
3. These people think that some God sitting in temples ready to take down all their needs and fulfill them.
4. They are ignorant, and do not know that what ever caithanyam in you, the same caithanyam is in the deity.
5. These people are blind apart from ignorance, that it is written in Guruvayur temple and Sabarimala temple, "OM  NAMO  BHAGAVATE  VASUDEVAYA", "TATVAMASI".
6. The first one says, that 'everything resides in Vasudevan' and the second says, 'what is in you also in me'.
7. Hence the Lord is within us as 'caithanyam' which majority of us not aware, so we are drowned in superstitions, and life is a mere wastage of time.  


1. The mis-conduct of a cargo ship: killing two Indian fishermen on kerala coast, 
2.No other country demonstrate such good conduct to these criminals, as shown by this country.
3. Final scene of this Nations Top most court order: The Italian  govt refused  to sent back these men who are arrested under our laws of the land, for killing two Indian fishermen near kerala coast.
4. Now this arrogant nation who did not keep the faith of another Nation : what you think about them ?


"A self discipline, less talk, more (HARD) work" dedicate all yourself,  to lift the Sreyas of this Great Spiritual Nation.


Bharatham is a Republic.1.People do not care the law of the land.2.In the name of freedom of speech people loose talk without any decency.3.People do what ever they like, no thought of any respect to the society.4.women and children are not safe.5.Everything below standard.WHY?You know when the elected Representatives, bureaucracy, and justice department are slow, inactive,totally blind, weak what a common man expect?


1. A fully qualified Doctor alone is given freedom to use knife on the body of another living member (patient) of the society. 
2. And the patient may even die bleeding from the wound which the doctor  has created.
3. That which would have been a murder of any other  of the society.
4. For the Doctor it is considered as an "essential service"!
5. Similarly, the man-of-perfection is one who will not and cannot act selfishly, nor has he any need to court his fulfillment of life in the objects of the world outside, and so this freedom is given to him    


1. Westerners are happy  from what they get, to get more they run behind materialism namely earthly pleasures.
2.The people of Bharatham are happy from what they have, hence we are called the spiritual country.
3. But the story is different now,  We the Bharatheeyas look towards west,  try to become sahibs,  which is never possible,  in their any Janmams (births), because we are not they! we all we!!!
4. But westerners gradually are changing, towards spiritualism, vegetarianism, and family values, etc. 


1. Language - is symbol of our culture.2. Culture    - is our oxygen to our human relationships.3. Loss of these two - will be - "we are moving corpses or machines."4.Life and our run behind enjoyments are short lived.5.Those forget or do not understand the above will be thrown out in garbage by Time.Present adults as well as children disregard their mother tongue and culture, soon we become unidentified because we have nothing our own.


1. The ability to discriminate the real ( eternal ) from the unreal ( non-eternal)---(Nitya-nita-vastu-viveka).2.The truth regarding all vedantic propositions is established:  on the (a). Triple basis of scripture ( Sruti ),  (b). Reasoning ( Yukti ),   (c). Direct experience ( Anubhuti ).3.The scriptures declare that all that is subject to change cannot be ultimately real and bring abiding happiness.4. A careful analysis of our experience regarding the objects of our desire shows nothing that is created is permanent or stable.5.  Everything we desire- Name-Fame-Wealth-and Success-are subject to change and consequently, sooner or later brings Misery and Grief in its wake. 6. Thus our experience tells us that hankering after what is transitory and unstable cannot bring us lasting happiness.7.So we should stop running after false goods.8. The practice of discrimination between the real and the unreal frees the bondage of ignorance and delusion and thereby spares us from external Agony.9…


1. The unit of life is Experience.2. Experience consists of three main factors:-     (a). The Experiencer.    (b). The Experienced.    (c). The relation between the experiencer and the experienced, called the Experiencing.We must understand this well, and every one can measure his life to know it is on right track. 


"Any civilization or culture which precludes the experience and recognition of the Divinity in man is an existence in continuous sleep and a progress through tumbling falls!!!"