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Bharatham now:-Majority people here  are living each moment of their life as slaves to their passions, lusts, and craving, they shall in their thoughtlessness and nondiscrimination  slowly sink down to the level of the animals, and it is certainly but natural that such two legged animals, cannot come to claim the heritage of Bharatham, which is real joy and happiness lived in the achieved self-perfection.
The path of Preyas (Pleasant/Materialism):-To day all Bharatheeya people pursue the path of materialism, which leads them, into dangerous jungles of crimes and sins thereby insuring them  for a long lease of painful existence as conscious being born in the lower (Asuric) wombs (yonis). 
That  is, by the pursuit of the materialism:  they are pulling themselves down and scheming to remain in the lower scale of evolution; sins and criminalities are blockades over which they tumble to fall back into the lower rungs on the ladder of evolution. In this context, sin is but an act which makes …


Present world is filled with Asura characters-( a study )------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ 8. Bound by hundreds of bands of hope given over Lust and Wrath, they (asuras) strive to secure by unjust means  hoards of wealth for sensual enjoyment.
9.This to-day has been gained by me; this desire i shall attain; this is mine; and this wealth also shall be mine in future.
10. That enemy has been slain by me and others also shall i slay. I am the lord. I enjoy. I am successful, strong, healthy.
11.I am rich man and well born. Who else is equal to me? I will sacrifice, I will give. I will rejoice. Thus deluded by UN-wisdom.
12. Bewildered by many fancy, entangled in the snare delusion, addicted tom the gratification of Lust, they fall into foul hell.
13. Self-honoured, stubborn, filled with the pride and intoxication of wealth, they perform sacrifices in name with hypocrisy, without regard to ordinance.
14.Given …


Present Nations/World:- -----------------------------------------------------/

Today we see the Nations are restless, and the Rulers are Asurics (Demonics). We are watching in our own country how more and more people become Asuras and decay our society.Bhagavadgeeta- chapter-16, slokam :-4  to  18, deal with asuras, Lord Krishna narrates the nature of these people and how they become enemies of the society.Let us study one by one- 1.Ostentation, arrogance and self-conceit, anger as also insolence and ignorance, belong to one who is born for a demonic lot. 2.The demonic nature is deemed for bondage. 3.Neither action nor inaction do the demonic men know; neither purity nor good conduct nor Truth is found in them. 4.They say, the Universe is unreal, without basis, without a Lord, born of mutual union, brought  about by lust; what else?5.Holding this view, these ruined souls of small intellect, of fierce deeds, rise as the enemies of the world for its destruction. 6.Filled with insatiable …


People with demonic characters:- Decay the whole nation, still the nation withstand the onslaught, due to few good people (Deiva characters/divine characters) survive in the nation. Lord Krishna to Arjuna explains these in detail, in chapter 16; and sloka19--to--24.Lord Krishna about Asuras:- "These cruel haters, worst of men, I hurl these evil-doers forever in the worlds into the wombs of demon only. Entering into demonic wombs, the deluded ones, in birth after birth, without ever reaching me, pass into condition still lower than that .(animals, worms etc). Triple is this, the gate to hell, destructive self; 1.) LUST, 2.) WRATH, and 3.) GREED. Therefore these three, one should abandon. A man who is released  from these, the three gates of darkness, does good to the self and thereby reaches the Supreme Goal.He who, neglecting the scriptural ordinance, acts under the impulse of desire, attains not perfection, nor happiness, nor Supreme Goal.Therefore, the scripture is your authori…


The technique of religion in a word is "Meditation"(dyanam), and it is simple, as it is silencing your mind. A silent mind only can work in the right direction. In Bhagavadgeeta chapter-6, Atma samyama yogam-slokam 10,------to ----17, Lord Krishna guides Arjuna how to do meditation.


To the men of 'emotion', the Path of  Devotion has been advised. They have tears to shed. And their emotional temperament finds an extreme satisfaction when they are praying at and adoring the lotus feet of their Saviour and Guide, the "Beloved-of-their-heart".
This method however, will have no appeal to the purely intellectual. They have no emotion to give. There are no fluid sentiments in them that in impatience gurgle forth seeking for themselves a way to flow out. Cold logic and unactivated  reasoning are the vehicles of the head in expressing itself. As such, they need dry arguments and philosophical mountaineering which alone can flag out their irrepressible intellectual stamina and bring them smoothly around the ugliness of their own over-developments. Pure philosophy and steady meditations are for them. The method of Vedanta, the Path of Knowledge, caters to this small group.
To th…


SCIENCE OF RELIGION:- With this idea in mind, when we enter religion to study its technique rather than to quarrel over the individual belief or peculiarities in ritualism, we shall find that all the methods prescribed by all religions of the world indicate one or other of the techniques for rehabilitating the mind the intellect of the seekers. The more we study, the more we shall become convinced that, without a complete training in this Science of Religion, it is almost dangerous  for man to face life.
HINDUISM A BIG DIFFERENT FROM OTHER RELIGIONS:- When we thus start our religious studies, we shall find that all around the world the spiritual Masters have prescribed, each a different method at different periods of history, to suit the temperaments of his age. Naturally unlike in other religions , in Hinduism we find that, from its hoary past to its decadent present, four distinct methods in detail are prescribed. Hinduism is an ever growing tradition rather than an uncompromising …


NECESSITY OF HEALTHY MIND:- Since it is our mind, that we perceive the world and gain our experiences, 'as our mind so is our world.' Nobody would deny the fact that a healthy mind and intellect are as much necessary as physical health to make a full life--------a fuller and nobler joy. We have been discovering, so far, in our discussions that religion is unavoidable in any scheme of true living in as much as it is a perfect science which alone can rehabilitate the disintegrated inner constitution in man.
Our age is suffering in spite of its luxuries and plenty, scientific growth and intellectual assertions, social developments and political awareness, mainly because of the shattering in our inner constitution. If in rehabilitating, or at least in reconstituting  the inward turmoil, religion can play a leading part, then certainly we can consider  it as an essential necessity in life. But does it? 
The science of Vedanta advises the treatment of meditation for making a genius…


FOUR PATHS:- When a man has learnt to live thus, ( 1.Satyam(truthfulness) + 2.Brahmacarya (self-control) + 3.Ahimsa( non-injury), in perfect self-control, ever vigilant to gather knowledge from the lived experiences, and when he has lived some years an inner life based upon the principles of non-injury in his motives and truthfulness to his wisdom, he becomes the chosen child of nature to be lifted to the top of the evolutionary ladder--the Super manhood. The techniques by which this last lap of the pilgrimage is accomplished constitute the contents of the different yogas( practices ), advised  in religions.  In Hinduism we have four different technical strategies prescribed for accomplishing this final transformation from manhood to Godhood, from our carping sorrows to the voiceless bliss.  These four paths:- 1.Bhakti ( devotion ),  2.Jnana ( knowledge ), 3. Karma ( action ), and 4. Hatha yoga ( mystical )------are neither contradictory nor find such a variety of delightful methods …


Fundamental Duties of man unto himself:- 1.Satyam [ truthful-ness ] has come to be used so often that we seem to know its implications very well, but in no given set of circumstances can an ordinary man come to a definite decision as to how to act truthfully! Without going much into the details, I will try to touch upon the essence of these teachings.
2.Brahmacarya [ Self-restraint ] is not a mere control of sex impulses. It is a life lived under a strict policy of self-control in all the activities of all senses that go out into the fields of their respective objects. Thus, to talk too much or walk too long distances, or to eat even a morsel more than essential, are all crimes against a life of self-restraint.
If brahmacarya be thus a value of life applied in the physical plane, ahimsa [non-injury] is a value of life to be lived in the mental zone. Non-injury is not an inert ineffectual slave-mentality allowing ourselves to be killed or to be persecuted by any individual  or individ…


WEALTH- As an animal, man is essentially selfish. He will not generally give without hopes of getting. 'Nothing for nothing', seems to be the law that governs nature. This being a universal law, ordinarily, even intimate relations and dear and near ones are deferential towards the earning-saving member of the family. This has been observed at all levels of relationships---man and wife, father and son, brother and sister. In short, in all human relationships, one who is capable of earning-and-saving alone is, with due reverence, respected and adored by others around who have some hope of being benefited by a share of his saving! In popular cry that money is respect, and that money can purchase anything. And indeed this is true. But its corollary, which is generally overlooked, is rather painful. For, if money is power, then a powerful man of yesterday should necessarily become, when his earning capacity is accidentally broken up, a powerless man of today! If money can purchase…


Lord Krishna here is telling about characters  of person who is demonic in nature: "proud, head weight, anger, cruel, ignorance, enact that he is following dharma, do not know about mental and body purity, do not know truth, culture, do not know what is punya karma and papa karma,  "Do not accept the presence of God, believe in lust, which is the reason male and female union, and hence the reproduction of life, do not believe in truth, because of these characters they resort in violence, engage in cruelty, and become enemies of the world".
"Carry unfulfilled desires, continue to do harm to society, till end of their life proceed on robbery, killings, rape, molest women and children, depending upon anger, lust, and to satisfy amass wealth by all illegal ways, immersed in thoughts in enjoying wealth, women are the prime in life, today i got this ,tomorrow i will do that, i have this much money, will kill all my enemies, …


In these slokams, Lord narrates the qualities/characters/nature of persons who are Divine type, "fearlessness, mental purity, firm stand in jnanayogam, dhaanam, control of sense organs, practicing yagjnam, learning veda, tapas, straight forward, non-violence, truthful, not-angry, sacrifice, peaceful, not jealousy, love with all living things, not greedy, pleasant, shameful, control of three gunas, tejus, patience, power of thinking, cleanliness of body and mind, non interferences with others", these qualities are found in persons whose birth is blessed with divinity. Daiveeka sampath is the cause for Moksha [liberation].[to be cont----d] note-such persons are rarely found!!!