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Sivananda's Personality-47.


The Master remarked to the disciples, "I hold Jayadeva as my ideal. He was robbed by dacoits, who cut off his hands and threw him into a well. When the Gods arrived with a celestial car to take him to paradise, he refused to ascend it till the dacoits who had cut off his hands were also taken. That is my ideal."

Exactly ten years later, on January 8, 1960, at evening time, a stout young man was brought on a stretcher to the Ashram hospital, accompanied by two policemen and a small crowd. The man was badly wounded. Blood was oozing from all over his swollen face. He was virtually unconscious. The doctor administered first aid and dressed the wounds. The policemen explained how the wounded man had been waylaying people and robbing them, and how he was caught after a chase, during which he fell into a deep pit and got badly injured.

Within minutes, Dilip Kumar Roy, for that was the name of the man, became a showroom exhibit. Curiosity-mongers came from every direction. Som…

#ArharModi: How in trying to nail PM, Rahul Gandhi exposed own ignorance of reality :


                All Members,
            Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

Sub : #ArharModi: How in trying to nail PM, Rahul Gandhi exposed own ignorance of reality :

Ref : Media reports- First report

It is not often that a political leader gets the chance to proudly display his ignorance on the floor of the Parliament with live television beaming it into a million homes. But then Rahul Gandhi is no ordinary politician.

The Gandhi dynasty is insured from repeated failures, cushioned against dubious statistics, immune from bad data, indifferent to public ridicule and forever guaranteed an unquestioned pass from an entrenched, servile mainstream media that is determined to package and repackage a failed brand.
The Congress vice-president frequently takes power naps inside the floor of the House only to rise up on occasions and deliver catchy slogans such as 'suit-boot ki sarkar' or 'fair-and-lovely'.

On Thursday,…

Floods, rain water, river management, drinage systems in the states of Bharatham -VERY POOR MANAGEMENT BY THE STATES

               All Members,
           Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

1. Kashmir, Chennai, Assam, Arunachal, Gurgaon, Bangalore .. flood list going on and on ...

Ref : Floods, rain water, river management, drainage systems in the states of Bharatham

1. Bharatham is gifted with two Monsoons -1. South West Monsoon, and 2. North east Monsoon.
2. Apart from these plenty of rain in certain states in Bharatham,
3. A  boon to the Nation, for her water needs, for survival of all living things, forests, agriculture, etc...
4. But the states do not bother to harvest the rain waters, store water for annual needs,
5. Water is being wasted, polluted, and neglected, by our wrong usages of rivers, etc..
6. The states must realize this truth, and prepare master plans and execute in time bound manner,
7. This will help to prevent floods, and disasters thereafter,
8. Since Independence, All bharat…

Sivananda's Personality-46.


So saying, the Master went to the police station the next morning with fruit, books, clothes and rosary. With his own hand he applied kumkum and bhasma to Govindan’s forehead, and then prostrated to him. He gave him books with his autographed blessing, and initiated him in the Om Namo Narayanaya Mantra. After imparting some simple instructions, the Master sent him to Salem, his home town, with two Ashram escorts to accompany him as far as Agra.

On February 19, a letter addressed to the Master came from Govindan, stating that he had reached Salem safely, and that he was grateful to the Master for what he had done for him. He prayed that any pitfalls that may beset his path of life be removed by the Master’s Grace, and that he regarded himself as the Master’s disciple.

On seeing the letter the Master smiled and requested Muruganandaji, "Put Govindan’s name on the magazine free list. Include his address in the prasad register also. All free literature should be sent to him. I w…

Sivananda's Personality - 45.

The Master saw God in enemies and in dacoits. On January 8, 1950, during the evening Satsang at the Ashram, a disgruntled inmate, Govindan by name, aimed three blows at the Master’s head with a crude axe. But in the dim light of the oil lamp—electricity had not come to the Ashram then—he missed his mark and hit the door and the wall instead. Only the wooden handle struck on the heavily turbaned head. The assailant was caught and the police were called in, but the Master would not let Govindan be prosecuted.

"Do you mean to say that anything would happen without the Lord’s Will behind it?" he argued. "God alone prompted Govindan to do what he did. Are the words of the scriptures: ‘I am the gambling of the fraudulent’, and ‘prostration to the chief of the robbers’, mere words? Does not the same omnipresent Lord indwell the robber and the dacoit, the murderer and the burglar? No, no, I will not let the police charge Govindan. The Lord has spared my life as there is st…