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Gospel of Lord Krishna : Sri Swami Sivananda -3.


The third—the doctrine of the impermanence of the world—is a stern warning against your setting too much store by the things of this world. The greatest treasure you acquire is but straw! The least that you do to the Lord immanent in all around you is the key to inexhaustible treasure. The things that you acquire are of this world which will pass away; but by the service you render to God immanent here, you are watering the plant of immortality. Remember; the things that you possess and the whole world, not only this world which is but a mere speck of dust in this universe, but the universe itself, not only this but countless universes that constitute creation—are but objects of a passing dream of the Supreme Being. Grabbing them is like catching hold of a cobra mistaking it for a rope to tie round the waist as belt. Great is the misery of one who takes the world as reality and runs after the pleasures of the world. Supreme Bliss is the prize that awaits one who, under…

Gospel of Lord Krishna : Sri Swami Sivananda -2.



Though the thundering revelation of the Immortality of the Soul Sri Krishna warns man not to deceive himself by trying to ignore the law of Karma, the law of rebirth, and the law of retribution. The Soul within him does not die with the death of the body; and, so long as it does not liberate itself by attaining Jnana, it is bound to reap the harvest of the seeds it has sown in its several births.

The Jiva which imagines that it is the doer of an action is bound to it by an invisible thread called attachment. The action is a rubber-ball with a long rubber-band attached to it which is given to the children to play with. One end of the band is tied to the finger of the child and it throws the ball on the ground; and the ball promptly rebounds to the child’s hand. Similarly, every action performed by you with the idea that you are doing it and with a desire to attain a certain end, is bound to rebound on you sooner or later, in this birth or in another.

Death itself is but…