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PMINDIA : A New Approach to Development : 1. Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana :

PMINDIA : A New Approach to Development


Yojana - 1.

                All Members,
         Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

Sub : Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana  :
Ref : A New Approach to Development :

*PM Narendra Modi shared his vision for the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana on it’s launch.
‘One of the biggest problems for us has been that our development model has been supply-driven. A scheme has been prepared in Lucknow, Gandhi Nagar, or Delhi. The same is attempted to be injected. We want to shift this model from supply-driven to demand driven through Adarsh Gram. There should be an urge developed in the village itself.
All we need is to change our mind set. We need to unite people’s hearts. Normally MPs are engaged in political activities, but after this, when they will come to the village, there will be no political activities. It will be like family. Decisions will be taken sitting with the people of the villages. It will re-energis…

Sivananda's Personality-86


The real Sivananda was inscrutable. He was a marvellous person, with his head in the heavens and his feet on the ground. He believed that the world was God writ large, and saw His manifestation in nature, in everything. He saw the world charged with the splendour, glory and grandeur of God. He took the universe as a dream, yet appeared to evince keen interest in the activities of the dreamland.

The Master always eluded the reach of the human mind. Sometimes the devotees felt he was their most intimate friend; at other times, the same devotees feared that their Guru was beyond their reach.

"He is so like us, but a little beyond us. But when we reach that little beyond, again we find that he is still a little beyond, said Tunhla, a journalist from Burma, in a speech at the Ashram on September 26, 1955.

Omkarananda, a disciple of the Master, characterised him as "an impersonal personality", "a transcendental individual". The human and the Divine were …

Sivananda's Personality-85



The Master was a phenomenon. He was described as a "symbol of holiness", "a walking, talking God on earth". The Bhagavat-Bhava or the divine mood, was imprinted on his serene, benign, tranquil countenance. He radiated love and spirituality in a mysterious manner. No one who went to the sage with an open mind failed to be benefited by the soothing vibrations of the God-man’s love and wisdom. Those who benefited thus described their experiences in words of poetic beauty.

"At last I was at the holy abode of Swami Sivananda. He welcomed me with a divine smile. His simplicity was too great. His kindness was shining. I was at once put at ease and spoke to him as if I knew him all these days."

"When I had Swamiji’s Darshan for the first time, the joy I felt cannot be described in words. I felt absolutely carefree, as a child feels in the mother’s lap. The mind became absolutely calm, as the river becomes calm on reaching the sea."


Sivananda's Personality-84


Dr Max Borkman, a Frenchman, called him bon papa, a "good father". But was the Master just another good man? Good men there are many in this world, but they, too, have their flaws. The Master had none. He was immaculate. He was a perfection of virtues. He was a God-man.

The Master was not so much a person in flesh and blood; he was a sacred presence, a pure spiritual radiance.

"The real Swamiji is not just the person you see and hear at Satsang," said Leslie Shephard, an Englishman and an earnest student of Yoga. "The real Swamiji is an uncanny force, affecting you by thought-currents, and moulding your spiritual development, often without a single word being spoken."

The human side of the Master was like the lantern—and a beautiful lantern it was. But within the lantern burned the unquenchable spiritual Light, and it was this Light which radiated through the lantern, not only to those in the immediate vicinity but to the whole world.

While ev…

Future of Tamil Nadu Politics and Governance :-Rajinikanth not Fit for Politics says Subramanian Swamy?




Sub : Future of Tamil Nadu Politics and Governance :

Ref : Rajinikanth not Fit for Politics says Subramanian Swamy


The most expected celebrity to come into politics for the past 20 years is Rajinikanth. Sometimes his speech against certain political leaders gives us a hint of his political venture. But he constantly denies the fact.


Recently BJP party member Subramanian Swamy made a controversial statement about Rajinikanth.


'Rajini is not a stable person, so he is not fit to come in to politics' is the statement given by him. This made Rajini fans to go pissed off.

Note :
1. In the past many persons from cinema industry( in Bharatham as whole ) mainly actors joined politics and miserably failed to perform.
2. In the case Tamil Nadu, where people are mad about Cinema and actors, do not use their intellect to analyse a person.
3. Majority in Tamil Nadu are blind followers  of anything and anybody, without using their sense of knowledge.
4. I…

Sivananda's Personality-83



In January 1956, Swami Poornabodhananda, a dearly loved disciple, was severely bitten by a rabid dog. The Master rushed him to Kasauli, doing all he could to give him the best medical treatment. The wounds healed but the disciple died after some time, maybe as an aftermath of the suffering he had undergone. The Master, who did so much to treat the disciple, did not even care to look at the dead body before it was lowered into the sacred Ganges. The Master believed more in serving the living than in needlessly moaning for the dead.


The Master loved everyone, and intensely, too; but this love was not tainted by attachment. It was pure love. It was Shuddha Prem. His love was rooted in divinity.


It was this divine love of the Master which made Dr Sutherland, the New Zealand missionary who spent many years in the Jagadhri Hospital, remark with folded palms and a voice choking with emotion, "Swamiji, I am very, very grateful to you for your courtesy and kindness d…

Sivananda's Personality-82


Nothing that was to be done should be left undone. That was the Master’s principle. Once, the Ashramites were about to perform the last rites of an inmate, Ramananda by name, whom they declared dead.

The Master came upon the scene, and observing the calmness on the face advised them, "Don’t be hasty. First give some artificial respiration, administer a couple of injections. Make sure that he is not merely in a swoon."

Aspirants rushed here and there. Two persons rubbed Ramananda’s feet with liniment turpentine; two others administered artificial respiration. One Swami gave injections. The Master himself sat beside the body and rubbed the chest with Hare Rama Kirtan.

When one of the persons giving artificial respiration let go Ramananda’s hand, it fell limp on the ground.

"All right, now say ‘Krishna Bhagavan Ki Jai!’" said the Master, satisfied that everything possible had been done. He then permitted the Ashramites to go ahead with the last rites. He …

Sivananda's Personality-81


One night, in the winter of 1949, the Master came out of the Bhajan Hall after the night Satsang.

"Did you take the temperature of Balammal in the evening?" he questioned an Ashram worker. The latter replied in the negative.

The Master at once went to the patient’s room, and would not leave the place until every minute detail in connection with the patient’s requirements had been attended to.

He then said, "Put yourself in the patient’s place. That is the best way to ensure attention to the minutest detail. If you consider that you are the doctor, you might neglect some things. What are all the items you would require? See that all those are available to the patient. You must enter into the patient’s spirit. That is the meaning of real service."

The Master then went on to instruct, "There must be a bed-pan. This is most important, especially in the case of aged patients like this lady. There should be light, matches, water in a bucket and a glass.…