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1. Bharatham at present drowned in superstitions.2. Horoscope is the support of the majority of the citizens, particularly in God's own country.3. The cause : Majority fear on each and everything, always suspicious, head filled with doubts.4. These people think there is some god outside to protect them, some planet has influence their fate etc...5. The doubts creates fear, which further analysing of the consequences!!!6. Girls weddings are effected by the horoscopes, by bad effects of Mars( kujan)!7. You know:- Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lordv Maheswaran married without consultation of horoscopes.8. Nowhere in Ramayanam, or Mahabharatham, or Srimad Bhagavatam, or in Puranas  mentioned the horoscope!!9. There is no god outside, no swargham ( heaven) outside, God is near you, within you, so also heaven you create and is there you live always!!10. Astrology is a science, but it has no influence on human mind, so also the planets nothing doing with your mind.11. When you become weak wit…

"Vedanta in Practice"

1. After the studies, before, the children are let out to meet their destinies in their independent individual life as social beings, the teacher gives his exhortation which comprises in itself, we may say, 'Vedanta in Practice.' 2. The entire wealth of knowledge gained by the Rishis in their experiments with the world of objects, the world of thoughts, and the world of ideas have been, here, brought from the temples and libraries to homes and the fields!3. the modern half-educated  are tempted to cry down Vedanta as impracticable; this can be only the sad moaning of one who has not read the portion -- the crystallised essence of Hinduism --- with sufficient poise and peaceful thoughts. 

"Widows in Varanasi"


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വടക്കന്‍ ഇന്ത്യയിലെ അറിവിന്റെ വെട്ടമെത്താത്ത പലയിടങ്ങളിലും ഒരു സ്ത്രീ വിധവയാകുന്നത്് കുടുംബത്തിന്റെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ ഭാഗ്യക്കേടായിട്ടാണ് കരുതിപ്പോരുന്നത്. വലിയ പാപിയായാണ് പിന്നെയവളെ കുടുംബവും സമൂഹവും നോക്കുന്നത്. അവളുടെ നിഴല്‍ പോലും കുടുംബത്തില്‍ നിര്‍ഭാഗ്യം കൊണ്ടുവരുമെന്ന് അവര്‍ വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നു. കുടുംബത്തില്‍ നിന്ന് പുറത്താക്കപ്പെട്ട് വാരണാസിയിലേക്കും വൃന്ദാവനത്തിലേക…

"Three Musketeers"

1. Bharatham is undergoing through the Miss-guiding advertisements! 2. Advertisement is an art, but it is used to pay wrong messages, false ideas, lies, and so on in the same route! 3. A team of three: 1. Government, 2. Justice department, 3. Media are involved as a corrupted team and make way to the Ad companies to exploit the public! 4. When somebody fall in the trap of Ads then all hulla-Gullah for a period  of  time until the heat is cooled!  5. The three musketeers are blind, deaf  to the noise from the victims, it pulls down our ancient culture bow before the world out of shame! who put this evils(joint) down and pin them on the mat ever lift their heads ever!?

| ரயிலில் அனாதையாக விடப்பட்ட ஆண் குழந்தை Dinamalar

HaindavaKeralam - 'Modi'fied Umman

"Insult to Annalakshmi"

1.Food is insulted through over eating! 2. Idlers, who have not contributed their share of "Upasana" in its cultivation, hoard the food!! 3. The honest 'Upasanas' who have done the sadhand ( good work) in the field, are in the end plundered!!! 4. When in one part of the world there is scarcity, in another part we either find food insulted through bad storage or ignorant cultivation, [ or no cultivation due to lazy, over ambitious, lack of work culture citizens, left government's failed land reform policies....etc( as in God's own country)]!!!! 5. and sometimes, through  through deliberate criminalisation, such as, burning down of crops or throwing harvested crops in the fields without protection, with a view of raising its price in the worst market!!!!!

ആസ്‌‌ട്രേലിയയിലേക്ക് കടത്താൻ ആലുവയിലെത്തിച്ച ശ്രീലങ്കക്കാർ പിടിയിൽ


More weapons seized from Narath - The Hindu

HaindavaKeralam - Huggabale Jihadi Vs Untouchable Nationalist

"Delhi rape: SC raps police on Excesses agaist protesters."

Zee.News:- New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday said that it would take a very serious view of another incident of police violence against a woman, and the person involved would have to bear the wrath of the court.  Referring to the rising frequency of incidents of brutality against women, and even children, the court said the framers of the Constitution did not visualize such incidents or provide for provisions to deal with them. Delhi rape: SC raps police on excesses against protesters        The court said that it would go beyond its norms in dealing with police personnel involved in such incidents.  Pointing to the police personnel involved in the beating of women in Delhi, Punjab, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the court said if Mahatma Gandhi were to be born today, he would have died many times.  Having expressed its anguish over police brutality on the women, the apex court bench headed by Justice GS Singhvi directed the Chief Secretaries of Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Prades…

"Women are to be blamed for harassment: MP-Congress Leader"

Hindustan Times:Wed, 24.April.2013.

A Congress leader in Madhya Pradesh has landed himself in a controversy by making sexist remarks that women invite trouble by looking at men in a suggestive manner, drawing flak from BJP.
File photo of Satyadev Katare. The former minister said that 'women invite rape' at a Congress rally in Bhind district, Madhya Pradesh. (Photo courtesy: "Jab tak mahila tirchi najar se nahi dekhegi, tab tak purush use nahi chedega" (No man will harass a woman till she looks at him in a suggestive manner)," Satyadev Katare, a former minister, said at a Congress rally in Bhind district.
The rally was organised earlier this week by the Congress in Bhind as part of the party's campaign to regain power in the year-end assembly polls.
Efforts to contact Katare on the issue proved futile.
BJP spokesman and MLA Vishwas Sarang said the statement is highly derogatory towards women despite the fact that the pre…


1. Citizens in Bharatham are deela and dala in majority, 2. Citizen should aware that each one will not be protected by the State's Police, 3. It is not practical and possible, 4. Every Citizen's duty is to be self conscious of surroundings, situations, and happenings around them, 5. If anything wrong they see, it is their first duty to inform the immediate authority ( as 911 no in USA), 6. If it is serious and rescue is the priority,  Citizen extends his help to the victim, 7. There is tendency in our country that the passers by instead of helping or support personally to the rescuer, starts taking mobile photo or video, 8. Or some over enthusiastic take advantage of the situation to his personal gains, and confuse the situation, 9. Most important Citizen always remain alert, ready to face any situation, 10. Children must be under watch of parents, ( in Bharatham, not used to, parents are very casual and careless), 11. Women must be careful, and preventive supports like spra…

"Modi Factor"

1.Minster Shibhu  Baby John of God's own country, met Modi on his official visit to Gujarat.

2. This becomes a talk point to all parties condemning the minister for his meeting Modi!

3. The minister has no guts to stand on his point, that his purpose was to learn from Modi the development of his ministry corresponding to Gujarat.

4. Now wonder, that Modi is an Indian citizen, member of a legal National party, how becomes untouchable to the whole lot of hypocritical politicians!!

5. These people forgot congress party's slaughter of  innocent Sikhs in Delhi when Indira Gandhi was dead!!!

6. Look at these people wasting their energy and time in such silly, stupid queries !!!!

"Come out off Ignorance and learn, learn, learn good things from where ever you get"

1. Generally Bharatheeya public do not know how to behave in public!

2. This includes all:  top to bottom levels, 3. Whether in parliament, cricket matches, in public vehicles, cinema houses, educational institutions, streets, roads and so on.......... 4. Secondly they do not know how to put forth their grievances courageously before authorities. 5. Do not know how to protest peacefully, politely, un harming, others in this circumstance. 6. Public is ignorant about the procedures, rules and regulations, contact numbers on emergency etc........ 7. They took lessons from political parties and demonstrate them, like political hartals, bhandhs, etc....( damaging violently the public properties and so on)....  8. Whenever any incident takes place public crowd the place of action, hindering the traffic, police activities, etc------- 9. Our man management is so poor, could not have control on the spot, hence everything out of control in all sense. 10. The so called activists just decorate t…

"Police in Bharatham needed mental treatment " urgent!!!

1. Delhi tragedy about 5 year girl child's abduction and violent rape, is unforgivable.

2. Added to the sufferings of the victim's family the police at hospital where the child was admitted, manhandled two young girl children who were asking some clarification, injured one's ear! 3. These officers are behaving like animals, ( view the clippings in CNN-IBN ) these people are public servants and become public  bosses. 4. It is urgent need of the hour to check these police men's mental health, if they found not sound at this needed to sent to mental hospitals. 5. There is none in the political leadership shared the pain, and took side with the victim's family, shame, to Sheila Dixit chief minister of Delhi, and .........!!!

"Bharatham a land of Asuras"

1. The adjective Asura is necessary when we watch our country's present situation. 2. The nation is functioning without the Ruler, 3. The Authority is in the hands of people as a nam ke vaste! 4. Weaker people are ill-treated by the officials, 5.  Sab apna and apna mari ke musafic hai, 6. It is not far this crowd ( Rulers) removed and some one who have the courage, bold to make the country under safe march!!!

"Rape and Police Lathi charge against innocent women"

1. Six year old raped and killed ( CNN-IBN NEWS TODAY) 2. Place :- Aligarh- UP. 3. Very sad to see the channel clippings, where police men and police officers attack and push the innocent women. 4. Police : a untrained, unkind, demonic, mob instead of listening the grievances, just hunt them. 5. Shame to police force and UP Govt.

" So called Educated Class"

1. Today, the so called educated class, in their spiritual illiteracy, cry down the very vital life of Meditation, because, with their Mint-house-intellect and Bank-hearts, they read nothing but their own Cheque-Book-scriptures, and their own Sins come to haunt them. 2. Naturally, they cannot understand any life more happy than the life of sighs, tears and sweat. 3. That desire-prompted actions alone constitute life, was a theory as old as the scriptures and this is evident everywhere. 4. But the greater life of Meditation is also equally old, is seen in the very fact that the Rishi is condemning  here the life of desire-prompted actions and is advising a greater life in higher Meditation.

"Yellow Metal Greed"

1. The downward slide of gold prices : People are so mad on this yellow metal, pour money on this as dead investment, not wish to slide this opportunity. On two reasons, 1. as a dowry to daughters, 2. Greed for jewellery . Instead of this if they allow the flow towards investments on National developments, it is divine. When our people up-lift their mind in right direction?

"Boston Terror Attack"

1. This terror attacks are from fundamentalist  groups. 2. Why the world is not joining hands  to eliminate this evils? 3. Human kills another innocent human in public (indirectly through bomb blasts is cowardice activity, 4. It is not to one country like Bharatham and USA, a combined effort to separate the Demons from the good is immediate task of the world.


1. This year temperature is high in this Summer,
2. Doubt we are destabilising our nature,

3. So that we are missing rain fall,

4. Himalayan snow is melting,
5. The  fruits, such as jack, mango are small in size, 

6. This year Kanikonnai blossomed very early and before Vishu the flowers dried and withered out.

7. Every one has a different story about the seasons failures,

8. It is time to stop on loans for vehicles, only allowed to by necessity wise.

9. The world is heavily contributing for nature disaster, as we learn that Antarctica ice melting at greater speed,
10. Days are near when the sea level increase by this melting ice, and lands will disappear soon!!! Beware dear friends!

"Another Bad Example"

Vande Matharam:- 1. This song has a given tune and method of singing. 2. Our All India Radio begins its morning session with Vandematharam. 3. So think majority Bharatheeyan knows this truth. 4. But our super star music director A.R.Rehman made this song a joke. 5. Jana Ghana Mana and Vandematharam both must be rendered in the given tunes only. 6. Nobody should touch these National songs and modify to their own way. 7. You can not change, it is the intellectual property of the Nation.

"Infrastructure is the need for the present and Future"

1. Bharatham  as a whole need a perfect infrastructure,  instead running behind half-baked projects in a hurry. 2. We do not have a continuous non-stop full-voltage power through out the country. 3. Water management of the Nation is poor. 4. Sewage system is not seen through out the country. 5. Garbage management is poor. 6. Roads, Railways are below standard. 7. The man power is UN-skilled, lazy, no-interest to work, with politically motivated bandhs, strikes and destruction to public property. 8. On the whole not a disciplined Nation.  Freedom is mis-used. 9. Democracy is the path to corruption, law-less ness, licence to all foolish activities. 10. Better pay attentions to the basic values and needs, then, thereafter attempt Smart city and so on!!!

IPL:- "Sreesanth vs Harbhajan" Issue!!!

1. The slapping story again a news to CNN IBN, AND OTHER NEWS CHANNELS!

2. Channels may celebrate this forgotten episode again with all fun to the viewers, with all joking clips along with the actors of the event!! 3. It is sad that these celebrities behave foolishly with full view to the public ( whole world) without any shame on their part. 4. Stop all v.i.p treatments to such people and do not allow them to play any tournament in their life time!!!

" Ministers Untimely and wrong Action"

Generous Minster presenting TV sets to MLAS:-" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Today's news!!! When Kerala people suffer -1. no electricity, 2. no water .....etc What do you say about this?

"Another Demo in Bad Example" : ----

New revolution in Carnatic music by Mr. T. M.Krishna:-

At the end of his sangeetha kacheri :- Mangalam was rendered,(usually  after some alapanam Madyamamvathi raagam is followed) but to the wonder of the audience he started National Anthem forgetting the procedure of rendering Anthem

"Bad Example":---

1. Our Member of Parliament ( Mr. Sasi Tarur) do not know how to act when National Anthem is rendered! 2. He tried to Americanise the procedure by holding his hand on the chest while singing the Anthem, not only this, he ordered the audience to follow his style, 3. The audience in confusion and helpless acted because of fear, 4. This funny drama was enacted at Cochin, place five star hotel . 5. Our school children know how to render National Anthem, but a MP set a bad example to the Nation, Are you sure these so called leaders lead you?

"A Greater Dose of Barbarianism and Cruelty among our Children"

1. If we are finding today,  a greater dose of barbarianism and cruelty among our children who are coming  out of the Universities, than it was among our forefathers of a couple of generation back , we know for certain, the source of the low negatives among the modern educated class.
2. These children, innocent victims of the spirit of the age, are not to be condemned at all  for the life of sensations, they are seeking or the voluptuous excess they are tempted to enjoy!
3. If they are to be condemned, much more shall we condemn ourselves, for certainly, we have, through our own commissions and omissions, contributed much to the poisonous spirit of the present.
4. Flouting truth and breaking the codes of morality and ethics in conscious acts of our own arrogance, we have allowed the spirit of our times to fall so low from its ideal peak to reach the lowest depths of today's desperation.     

"Mumbai: Sheelphatta-Building Collapse"

1. It is very serious offence, that the builders do the society,
2. The seven storey building is a illegal construction,  blowing the terms and conditions (Rules), to the wind, how these criminals do their job under the very nose of the Authorities?

3. Maharashtra Govt already drowned in scams and irregularities, no wonder these things happen there!!
4. The public is inactive, awake and throw this irresponsible lot out of the power,
5. All these were joined hands with these irregularities.

6. Great harm to the public!!!

"Indiscipline of students" in Bharatham!!!

Ragging a curse:
1. Place: Tamilnadu, Namakkal, Rasipuram, Private Engineering college,

2. Police version of the Matter: Senior-Junior Clash!

3.Consequence: Deebak, native of Kannur, Kerala, age 20 yrs, second year  student of this college was killed, by a car running over on him,
4.   Seven boys of the same college  who are responsible for this murder were arrested by the police,

5. Young children join the educational institutions to get education, but instead they become hooligans, agitators, criminals and so on,
6. Institutions( Edn) do not bother about students conduct, 
7. Parents ignorant about their children character, do not monitor,
8. Education ministry of the Govt is blind, in total negligence,

9. Wonder what is the use of these degrees, when the students have no balanced mind ( vivekam),
10. The degrees shows the intellect of a student, but he may not be having Intelligence,
11. What is the need of this type of persons in the society ( generation).
12. It is time now to arise, awaken,…

"Food Poisoning"

1. Through out Bharatham adulteration is common,
2. Milk : fully adulterated with chemicals,
3. Edible oil : all most all oils adulterated,
4. Vegetable and fruits : carry with pesticides, like endosulphon,etc are very serious,
5. Grains and pulses : are adulterated, with mix of palm oil special effect is created,
6. Dates : coated with oil to get special effect,
7. the list is long--even drinking water is not pure.
8. Authorities is aware all these, but do not act? why!!!    

"Beware big fellows"

1.612 Indians have secret  savings  in foreign countries,
2. This crores of rupees is shifted from Bharatham to evade tax,
3. Including  two member of parliaments, many big shots are involved in this,

4. These people are black mark to the country,
5. What Govt is going to do?  

"Public and Gold"

1. Bharatham is famous for marriages, when the girl child is born parent starts worrying on her future marriage, hence equation goes this way girl-gold-dowry-etc,2. Even poor are towards this unnecessary evil expenditure,
3. Another evil is food wastage on these occasions,
4. No one ( Govt) not prepared to stop this spending life long savings into this dead investments for the cause of weddings, it is pity, in the modern world!!!


1. The Saudi Arabia Pravasi situation: Here the people went on their will knowing the consequences to a foreign country for jobs. Now the country warned in advance about their new visa/job policy. Wonder how  a state or center to take responsibility of the situation for all pravasis? Here many are loosing jobs for several reasons, is it possible to rehabilitate each one?
2. Minister and wife case: Both of them totally spoiled the episode, the mature citizens could have handled the more amicably, as the children ( two grown up boys), not good Mr. Gansh kumar and Mrs Yamini Thangacci, too bad example!!!
3. The Aranmula Airport Scam: This Airport is not at all necessary, yet it is  pursued for few mafia interests, Public opinion is in the garbage?


1. Today newspapers allotted two full pages for a family quarrel triangle consisting of : 1.Father politician  Mr. Balakrishna pillai of Kerala congress ( pillai group),  2. Son politician+cine actor+Minister on the ruling coalition Govt (of same pillai group),  3. Dr. doughtier in law.
2. TV channels are busy in covering this with undue importance.

3. Pity to say, about this way of functioning of the media, 

4. The whole people ( in politics, the Government and the media) are wasting their man hours in a simple family matter,(helping to wash the dirty linen in the public streets) .