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Sivananda's Personality-92.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

"I have not done any formal Sri Vidya Upasana," the Master told him. "I repeat the Mantra along with several others after bath daily. I repeat the Mantras only once. But perhaps you are right when you say that I have done Sri Vidya Upasana. It is of a different kind.

Whenever I see a woman, I mentally prostrate to her and mentally repeat some Devi Mantra, like ‘Om Sri Durgayai Namah’. I look upon all women as the embodiments of the Divine Mother. When I apply the sacred vermillion to my forehead, I repeat, ‘Om Hrim Om’. This constitutes my Sri Vidya Upasana."

The Master taught his disciples what a Sannyasin should be, what a saint should be. He was a living example of a Sthitaprajna—a man of unbroken serenity. He had a mind which nothing could shake; nothing could cause a ripple or ruffle in it. It was indeed an extraordinary mind.

There is a saying: Learn by doing; teach by being. The Master taught by both doing and being. "…

Sivananda's Personality-91.


Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

When the Master was in Swarg Ashram, there was a neighbour of his called Rajarajeswarananda, who was a worshipper of the Divine Mother. His worship of Devi went on for twelve years, but he attained no perfection. On a Durga Puja day the Swami longed to worship the Goddess with silk and ornaments, but he had no money. The day before the worship was to begin, there was a knock at the door. He opened and saw some Punjabi girls. Each one carried a plateful of silk cloth, fruit, ornaments and money.

"Swami Sivananda, your neighbour asked us to give these to you for your Navaratri Puja," they said. The Swami believed their words and accepted their gifts.

"Whose plates are these?" he asked.

"They belong to the alms-house," replied the maidens, taking the empty plates and departing from the place.

The Swami could not contain himself. He went to the Master’s Kutir. As usual, it was bolted from within. He knocked and the Master o…

Sivananda's Personality-90.


Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

Sri Krishna was the Master’s chosen Deity. Unto the last he worshipped Him daily at his private altar.

That Lord Krishna had showered His Grace on the Master and asked him to spread Kirtan-Bhakti is also clear from the following passages, culled out of two poems addressed by him to the Flute-bearer of Brindavan:

Lord Krishna, my Lord, Krishna, my love—
We both are only one from now;
 Thou art I and myself art Thou,
 Krishnoham, Krishnoham;
 I am thrice blessed,
 It is all Thy sweet Grace.

You ordered me to do Kirtan
 And disseminate Kirtan-Bhakti,
 I came before Thy Presence, my Lord,
 As a Sankirtanist;
 I sing the Maha Mantra daily;
 I know Thou takest pleasure
 In my singing;
 I touch Thy Lotus Feet
 Through the sound-wave of my Kirtan.

The Master’s worship was not confined only to Lord Krishna. He saw the same attributeless Lord reflected in all Deities and had their blessings in abundant measure. He had the benign Grace of Devi, for instance.


Sivananda's Personality-89


Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

On his visit to the Ashram, an American philosopher, Dr Thompson, put the Master a straight question, "Have you seen God, Swamiji?"

"I see nothing but God," replied the Master. "In the food I take, in the water I drink, in the people I greet, in animals I meet, and in you Dr Thompson, I see nothing but God."

The Master’s disciples were nevertheless eager to know the outstanding landmarks in his spiritual journey. One of them made bold to ask the Master himself about this. He gave a straight answer, "I had no such landmarks or outstanding spiritual experiences during my period of spiritual practice. There was no obstruction, either external or internal, in my spiritual progress. That was the only outstanding feature. I made meditation—deep meditation—the keynote of my inner spiritual practice. It gave smooth and continuous progress and rapid arrival at the ultimate experience."

Emboldened by the Master’s answer…