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Sivananda's Personality-96.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

But here and there in the Master’s writings, one does come across ebullient expressions of his spiritual experiences.

In Cup of Bliss, the Master gives an indication of his exalted spiritual stature:

Sorrow touches me not,
 Pain affects me not,
 All joy, all bliss I am,
 Eternal satisfaction I am.

The silvery moon, the brilliant sun
 Are my eyes,
 The rivers are my veins,
 The stars, mountains,
 The herbs, trees and plants,
 The Vedas and Devas,
 Are my expression, my breath.

My exhalation is this universe,
 My inhalation is dissolution,
 The world is my body,
 All bodies are mine,
 All hands, ears, eyes are mine,
 The fire is my mouth,
 The wind is my breath.
 Energy, time proceed from me,
 All beings throb in me,
 All hearts pulsate in me,
 Causation I am,
 All quarters I am,
 Quarters are my garment.

All time is now,
 All distance is here,
 I fill all space,
 Where can I move?
 No space to move,
 Infinite I am,
 Unconditioned I am,
 Bhuma I am,

Sivananda's Personality-95.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

The Master never gave long lectures, nor talked on high philosophy. He demonstrated the teachings of the Gita and Upanishads in every action of his daily life. That is why his teachings and writings have such an impact on the minds of people.

As a true Bhakta, the Master worshipped all Deities, respected and adored all saints, celebrated all festivals. As a Vedantin, he was always established in the non-dual God-conscious state. As a Karma Yogi, he served the Lord in all creation in whatever way he could. As a Raja Yogi, he exercised, consciously and unconsciously, various psychic and supernatural powers but again, only for the good of others.

Beneath his simple looks and unassuming answers to the questions of curiosity-mongers, lay a wealth of spiritual experience. During his days of spiritual practice—and it must be noted that he continued to practise them even after he became a sage—he appeared to have undergone a myriad spiritual practices, reap…

Sivananda's Personality-94.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

Another incident bears out vividly that the Master was the very embodiment of his saying: "Bear insult, bear injury."

In April 1953, a Parliament of World Religions was held at the Ashram. Major-General A.N. Sharma, an admirer of the Master, was an important personality at that time. He was a London trained cardiologist and had his residence in the Defence Colony, Delhi. He had very good contact with most of the Embassies.

So through his help, Swami Paramananda managed to get Buddhism represented by the Thai Embassy, Islam by the Afghanistan Embassy, and Christianity by some other Embassy. Mahatmas and eminent people were also invited. The parliament was inaugurated by Sri C.P. Ramaswami Iyer.

At that time there was the Atma-vijnana Bhavan, run by the Kalikambliwala Trust of Ramnagar, Rishikesh. A Swami residing there permanently was also invited. Except for one or two speakers who spoke in Hindi, all read their papers or gave talks in Eng…

Sivananda's Personality-93.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

Over some months, a gradual change began taking place in the Brahmachari’s nature. If Kaul approached the Master after Satsang and asked any question, or got his doubts cleared, or if he asked for some spiritual instructions, this Brahmachari would not like it. He began resenting the Kashmri approaching the Master. He would tell Kaul, "When I am here, why should you go to Gurudev?"

No one noticed this change. It went on within like a glowing ember covered by ash. It went on for several months.

One evening, as the Master was coming on his usual walk, some disciples were chatting in front of the present post office. It was twilight and soon became semi-dark. They knew that the Master would be coming now, so they stood respectfully outside to have his Darshan.

Soon they saw a swinging lantern, the signal of the Master’s approach. But they began hearing a very unusual, high-pitched voice. They were puzzled as to what was happening. As the Mast…