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1."Government's Lack of vision":---------------------------------------/ Any national untoward incidents like bomb blasting (terrorists activities) etc can be prevented if the Government takes internal security of the country seriously. There is no use of lamenting after  the incidents, this is a regular show once the accident occurred.2. "Careless bureaucracy not taking measures after getting warning":--------------------------------------------------------------------/Our administration is lethargic and lazy, the action is on once the incident took place and serious damage is done.

3. "Inactive and don't-mind attitude of the Public":--------------------------------------------------------------/Public attitude to security is not welcoming, majority are eyes and ears closed, won't move on knowing or learning things seriousness and never inform authorities if any untoward things happen before them, if the people are alert and helpful to authori…


"A Nation with unbalanced minds":-
Ours is a spiritual country, where peaceful minds were there. Ancient Rishies and later great spiritual Gurus, such as Swami Sankaracharya, Ramanuja, Madhva, Vivekananda, Ramana Mahrishi, lived here and made this country a Punya bhumi.
Our Father of Nation Mahatma wanted to make Bharatham "A Ramarajyam."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/
The Last Bharat Bandh, was exclusively of destructive nature, thus shows how far we decayed ourselves.
The political parties are mindless, without Consciousness, animals like, created chaos in the country, the ruling party is directionless, ship with as many so called self booster leaders, with no control on their talks in front of television cameras, speak as they find suitable, do what they like, no sense of honour any where near them.
The democracy is not collapsing not because of these funny leaders, but because of a fe…


Today's parents:-Wonder, how these people are? They are educated but no common sense, majority of them think if one learn his mother tongue his job opportunity is reduced, so stop learning mother tongue and go behind English, as English only spoken many people across the Globe, what a stupid thought!!
Present upcoming generation :- Majority are lazy not known the values of his own country, money is everything his thought, imitating everything foreign,  all native irrelevant, exploit all native resources to his ( inputs ) gain and  discharge the outputs to some foreign country, what a joker!!
The media:-Films, TV channels, newspapers etc are culprits to these tendencies. Except our Doordarsan all channels promote such low instincts, and our mother tongues, our culture are thrown to garbage. Local languages are spoken by anchors of programme in such a awkward state, every stupid audience watch with great enthusiasm so also our neo films with joker actors with all nude bodies. Wonder a…


This great nation where great Paithrukam is with head up--!!!------------------------------------------------------------------/"For two days no work for the public, sitting idle in front of the TV or sleeping... what a national manpower wastage!!!The great non-working days will result in nothing except all trade unions and their mother political parties with their UN-employed youths in the middle of  the Bhandh .The rulers may avoid these happenings if they cautious and advance thinkers of the situations, the great so called leaders happily wait for such situations for their cunning spoiling of the event.We  few nation loving honest citizens( very few) just look up for great Avatar to nigraham of these asuras, and protect the country."


Liquor, Drugs, Panmasala, and Porno :-Parents and social  parties:-Today usage of liquor at home is seen at majority households. Children watch all these, and so all other evils at home itself. Thereafter try outside without the knowledge of parents, gradually circles buildup, to such practices, later panmasala, and drugs enter their life. Intoxicated mind's next pastime is watching pornography, which is available at all Internet cafes. Internet is a boon to present age, but is totally misused by many criminals.
At present social networks gradually dropping down to evil doers, at google plus several porno, ads, etc are severely infecting young minds, though face book too fell in the same category where porno profiles and other sex materials rampant, parents must be vigilant. The you tube is becoming dirty as animal sex video is common,( mating of animals).
These sites totally dropped from values, which is harmful to the young generation.


Bharatham today:
We are losing our Culture ( Bharatheeya Samskaram), our Mother Tongues, our dress codes, our relationships, etc..etc.......
We are losing our natural resources, forests, mountains, hills, water holes, rivers etc.. etc.... 
Imitation of western culture is fast and with no sense. We cannot be Sahib whichever way we try, we remain A Bharatheeyan only at last. We must open our eyes and ears, and watch how the countries respect their culture, language etc...
If this run goes on a time will come when we have no identity at all, take care now and do the need of the hour! 


Rape after rape is running as film shows in our capital, nevertheless in other parts of the nation. The God's own country dipped in serial rape stories, what a shame to us.Second big event is scam after scam, at present defence deals of  helicopter.We never stop all these foolish activities, wonder when we lead a honest life?Thus, guided by the self-preservation instinct and the lust for flesh, power and wealth there are such false people in every walk of life  today-----false leaders, false policemen, false artists, false preachers, false citizens -----untruthful men, feigning, by their external dress and behaviours, to be what they are not actually by themselves. Falsehood, indeed, is as much a brilliant human capacity as honesty is one of man's heroic perfections.What happen to Bharatham the land of Spirituality?  


Poorams of Kerala:-( Festivals of Kerala)
The elephants are plenty in captivity in Kerala. Here the elephants are misused  against the animal interests. Elephants are like free movement in herds and are quiet in nature. Selfish and greedy men having in the mind of the rich ivory tusk of the animal buy them and employ in wood industries to cater mechanical jobs, in addition are given on rent to temples, churches, mosques during festival days.
 Accidents due to elephants aggressive moods:-
The elephant in the midst of crowd, in very hot weather, on hot tar roads, with lot of fire torches, and unbearable noise,  without food and water standing steadily with all sorts of decorations, nothing to wonder why the animal get agitated and run into crowd damaging a lot. The mahouts are drunkards treat the animal so badly, it won't help to obey him.
It is beyond toleration, and this superstition must stop, and no animals involved in any events or celebrations or festivals, hereafter. 


Bhagavadgeeta:-ch-4, slokam-13.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Lord Krishna to Arjuna: According to three gunas (Sattvic, Rajas, Tamas) and karmas { actions(jobs/works)}, I have created four Varnas such as Brahmanan, Kshatrian, Vaisyan, Sudran. Though I am the Kartha (subject) of this chathurvvarnnyam, know this Arjuna, I am nothing to do with these.
Explanation:- Here Lord clearly says about gunas and karmas are the basis of these varnas not by birth.1. Bramanan : -  Sattvic in nature (guna), and the karmas: those who are sharing knowledge and intelligent, examples:-  Gurus, teachers( present way), priests...... 2. Kshatrian :- Rajosic in nature, and karmas : Administration, Governace, Justice, Defence, Police..............3.Vaisyan:- Rajosic and Tamosic both gunas mixed nature and karmas: Agriculture, Poultry, Cattle farms, Fishing, trading, manufacturing, business............4.Sudran :- Tamosic in nature and karmas service sector,…


Greed has no boundary:-The few greedy wealthy associates organise Great entertainment, with no sense in promoting the game conduct cricket tamasha every year, the youth waste their time and money to witness this fools game IPL. Following their footsteps the wealthy film stars teams up ton the service of this fools game with no sense of game, CCL. Here both IPL AND CCL  contribute cricket nothing except siphoning public money to their pockets. 


Brahmacharyam is sarvendriya damanam and complete Atma niyantranam( Complete control and regulation of mind)------------------------------------------------------------------------------/Today unmaried people are called as Brahmachari and one is away from sex is said to be observing Brahmacharyam. This view is wrong, and what Brahmacharyam is explained under:-
1.Physical activities above a reasonable level  and fatigue is against Brahmacharyam.  
2.Over eating is against  Brahmacharyam.
3.Too much talk and non-stop conversation is against Brahmacharyam.
4.Over indulgence in sense objects and enjoyment, against Brahmacharyam.
These four pillars : on which Brahmacharyam occupied. One who follows strictly these four commands, are called Brahmachari and he is observing Brahmacharyam.


Situation of teaching profession in Bharatham now!:------------------------------------------------------------------------------/1.Where are the Teachers? .........................................../Today we face alarming shortage of High Standard,  Efficient and Quality  Teachers in the academic levels to train and develop outstanding Brilliant students.
2.Present learners:-............................../Today's Children experience great pressure from parents as well as teachers. General standard of majority students is very Poor. But this is not visible as the results are not True. The exaggerated output in schools is a curse in present system of education, students are upgraded without any knowledge of their standards, all sorts of grace marks hide the poor standards of the student's performance. This shows students nowhere near in any field, academic or sports or arts etc..
3.Poor performance in any competitive exams:-........................................................…


Weather:------------------------/ Bharatham is a tropical country, and games played in the evenings, when sun is not harsh. The average built, medium height, lack of stamina and endurance people need to select games of short duration, for international competitions.
Cricket:-----------------/to everybody wonder.This game played by very few countries only, Standard game is for 5 days duration, this game is adopted by English people only, they found this game as it suits to their weather conditions.
Our weather conditions do not recommend cricket, instead Hockey is more suitable, as the playing time is less, height is not so important, apart from this it is our National game, played by more countries than cricket. If not Volleyball is even good as it is a cheap game, played in a less space, no physical aggression is required.
But, more encouragement and importance are given to cricket, it is unjustified, throughout Bharatham in village level volleyball is played than cricket . Our sports mi…


Ancient Nari's in Bharatham:-Men gave respect to women, and authority was in the hands of women in ancient Bharatham. At  present the women are treated so badly, in the name of marriage with dowry, lot of money spent without any reason, which a civilized society should not follow, it was not our culture, in ancient Bharatham women had freedom to choose her partner (Swayamvaram ),.Women is considered as Mahalaksmi in her new(husband's) home.Present:-Though women get education to certain extent, and employment give financial freedom somewhat, still she is not fully independent and safe.Men and their mindset?:-The sexual behaviour of men is so decayed, a majority are with animal instincts. Drugs, Liquor, Pan masala, non-veg food habits, low instincts, low values of life, poor parents guidance to boys in childhood, low quality of teaching staff at schools and colleges, feed these, to become adults.
Money push back values, culture and character. Today parents want their children to …


Bharatheeya Filmi Duniya:-Indian cinema is the main culprit to let down Bharatheeya culture and values. All item numbers and song sequences are sexy and vulgar. These rape the Bharatheeya samskaram to a great extent.
Majority films are lifted from Hollywood movies and from world cinema's Indian versions only. Almost all the so called super stars imitate the stars of world cinema, no originals here. All songs lost melody tunes are lifted from western albums and boost big hits here.
The dialogues are vulgar and on cheap talks, comedy is nil and dirty. The women roles are so bad and not necessary at all in the story. Stunt scenes are too violent and unworthy to children.
Censor board is weak, and the people on the board has no knowledge of Bharatheeya samskaram, and allow each and everything to be screened. The public has no sense of  discipline, so anybody ( few) can spoil any art form, creating all sorts of nuisance, extra authority, so that the Govts and so all bend knees to these st…


1.Rajasic:-Majority people (Bharatheeyan), now under the influence of non-vegetarian food. The animals and birds used are below quality and un-hygienic slaughter houses, create great harm to the public health, the Rulers, Govt, the public do not bother about all these discrepancies."NON-VEGETARIAN, BITTER, SOUR, SALTY,  HOT, PUNGENT, ASTRINGENT, AND BURNING FOODS THAT GIVE PAIN AND REGRET AND CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS ARE SOUGHT  AFTER BY RAJASIC PEOPLE" [Bhagavadgeeta-Chapter.17, Sraddha traya vibaga yogam, Slogam-9.]
2.Tamosic:-(The fridge culture)Supplementary to above, here is an attachment to the above kinds:Majority never cook daily, weekly or monthly cooking are popular all over Bharatham, another style restaurant culture to the families, these two encourages Tamosic."LEFT OVERS, PUTRID, ROTTEN, TASTELESS, STALE, REFUSE, IMPURE, AND INADEQUATELY COOKED FOOD FROM WHICH ENERGY HAS GONE AND IS UNFIT AS AN OFFERING IS PREFERRED BY TAMOSIC PEOPLE" [Bhagavadgeeta- chap…