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Sivananda's Personality-88

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

The Master in turn adored all these saints. He loved them and served them as only he could. "Narayana, Narayana, Narayana" thus he would hasten to greet and embrace the visiting saints with the Name of the Lord on his lips, almost exactly as a child would run to embrace its mother. He was overjoyed when he saw them, when he spoke to them, when he offered them food.

The Master identified himself with all saints, with all Ashrams, with divine life activity everywhere on earth, no matter by whom it was carried on and under what label. He sang their glory as if they were his own. He wrote an entire booklet on the Ashrams and saints of India, in which he paid respectful adorations to all the Sadhus and Mahatmas in the country, praising the divine work they were doing. Not only that, in one of his earliest books, he gave an exhaustive list of dozens of contemporary saints, declaring that the very utterance of the names of these saints would puri…

Sivananda's Personality-87


Yes, the Master was a perfect saint, a saint among saints—a Sirius in the spiritual galaxy. Other saints loved him with all their heart and all their soul. Many of them visited him at his Ashram.

Venerable souls like Swami Naradananda of Naimisharanya, Purushottamananda of Vasishta Guha, sat in his presence with tears of love bedimming their aged cheeks. Lofty souls like Sati Godavari Ma of Sakori did Pada Puja to him in the customary manner.

Pontiffs like the Shankaracharya of Dwaraka Peeth, embraced the Master in boundless love. Adorable saints like Ananda Mayee Ma and Parvatikar Maharaj, sang in divine ecstasy in his Satsang.

Some well-known saints like Swami Ramdas of Kanhangad, Sadhu Vaswani of Poona, and the Shankaracharya of Kancheepuram, exchanged loving letters with him.

Sri Satya Sai Baba of Andhra Pradesh, also visited the Master. Materialising a rudrakasha mala with gold links, he lovingly presented it to the Master.

In one letter, Sadhu Vaswani wrote : -


Sivananda's Personality-86


The real Sivananda was inscrutable. He was a marvellous person, with his head in the heavens and his feet on the ground. He believed that the world was God writ large, and saw His manifestation in nature, in everything. He saw the world charged with the splendour, glory and grandeur of God. He took the universe as a dream, yet appeared to evince keen interest in the activities of the dreamland.

The Master always eluded the reach of the human mind. Sometimes the devotees felt he was their most intimate friend; at other times, the same devotees feared that their Guru was beyond their reach.

"He is so like us, but a little beyond us. But when we reach that little beyond, again we find that he is still a little beyond, said Tunhla, a journalist from Burma, in a speech at the Ashram on September 26, 1955.

Omkarananda, a disciple of the Master, characterised him as "an impersonal personality", "a transcendental individual". The human and the Divine were …

Sivananda's Personality-85



The Master was a phenomenon. He was described as a "symbol of holiness", "a walking, talking God on earth". The Bhagavat-Bhava or the divine mood, was imprinted on his serene, benign, tranquil countenance. He radiated love and spirituality in a mysterious manner. No one who went to the sage with an open mind failed to be benefited by the soothing vibrations of the God-man’s love and wisdom. Those who benefited thus described their experiences in words of poetic beauty.

"At last I was at the holy abode of Swami Sivananda. He welcomed me with a divine smile. His simplicity was too great. His kindness was shining. I was at once put at ease and spoke to him as if I knew him all these days."

"When I had Swamiji’s Darshan for the first time, the joy I felt cannot be described in words. I felt absolutely carefree, as a child feels in the mother’s lap. The mind became absolutely calm, as the river becomes calm on reaching the sea."