Sivananda's Personality-92.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

"I have not done any formal Sri Vidya Upasana," the Master told him. "I repeat the Mantra along with several others after bath daily. I repeat the Mantras only once. But perhaps you are right when you say that I have done Sri Vidya Upasana. It is of a different kind.

Whenever I see a woman, I mentally prostrate to her and mentally repeat some Devi Mantra, like ‘Om Sri Durgayai Namah’. I look upon all women as the embodiments of the Divine Mother. When I apply the sacred vermillion to my forehead, I repeat, ‘Om Hrim Om’. This constitutes my Sri Vidya Upasana."

The Master taught his disciples what a Sannyasin should be, what a saint should be. He was a living example of a Sthitaprajna—a man of unbroken serenity. He had a mind which nothing could shake; nothing could cause a ripple or ruffle in it. It was indeed an extraordinary mind.

There is a saying: Learn by doing; teach by being. The Master taught by both doing and being. "Bear insult, bear injury; this is the highest Sadhana," was his favourite saying—and he was the very personification of it.

In the early days of the Ashram there were hardly ten aspirants. Some of the disciples of the Master at that time were from Kashmir.

There was a young man from Kashmir, Sri Kaul, who was influenced by the Master’s teachings and came to the Ashram. He was a post-graduate.

Another young man named Brahmachari Vishweshwar Chaitanya was serving the Master. He had a sandow-like body—short, square but very muscular. He had a wonderful physique and was an expert in Yoga Asanas.

The Master entrusted the young Kaul to Brahmachari Vishweshwar Chaitanya. This Brahmachari was so well conversant with the Master’s teachings that he had pages and pages of his writings memorised.

He did all the typing for the Master. He acknowledged receipt of donations, and would include a paragraph of the Master’s instructions, too, in letters to donors. So Kaul was struck with admiration for him.
To be continued ..
Swami Sivananda
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