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Floods, rain water, river management, drinage systems in the states of Bharatham -VERY POOR MANAGEMENT BY THE STATES

               All Members,
           Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

1. Kashmir, Chennai, Assam, Arunachal, Gurgaon, Bangalore .. flood list going on and on ...

Ref : Floods, rain water, river management, drainage systems in the states of Bharatham

1. Bharatham is gifted with two Monsoons -1. South West Monsoon, and 2. North east Monsoon.
2. Apart from these plenty of rain in certain states in Bharatham,
3. A  boon to the Nation, for her water needs, for survival of all living things, forests, agriculture, etc...
4. But the states do not bother to harvest the rain waters, store water for annual needs,
5. Water is being wasted, polluted, and neglected, by our wrong usages of rivers, etc..
6. The states must realize this truth, and prepare master plans and execute in time bound manner,
7. This will help to prevent floods, and disasters thereafter,
8. Since Independence, All bharatheya states doing nothing, except demanding financial help from the centre, after disasters happened..
9. Drainage and river management is poor by the states, so that flood waters do not find a way to drain from the roads and dwelling areas,
10. This disaster occur every year, but no action by any states..

Notes :
1. State governments waste their money in mindless spending on useless, needless, wasted subsidies, and other scams, so nothing remain to achieve important targets,
2. People, mindless, lazy, encroach, river beds, throw garbage and block the the rain water smooth  flow, to the rivers,
3. All out of control because of the indiscipline on the parts of people, governments, and so on..

My views
1. Strict discipline, in constructions,
2. Drainage, garbage, management given top priority,
3. Rain water management given special attention,
4. More attention on river water  management,
5. Centre should punish the states who do not implement the plans in this regard,
6. Everything must be given top priority, and no party politics should interfere.
7. Many more things are to be said, but leave the matters to the public to think and Governments should implement, with political will, for the benefit of the Nation.
Thank you for reading
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