Hinduism : Part-10.

Monotheism and Polytheism Reconciled


Hindus who say that Siva is different from Vishnu or the Supreme Parama Sivam is different from the Supreme Para Brahman of Vedanta do not have a full knowledge of their own religion.

They are demonstrating a narrow and bigoted view which is contrary to the spirit of real Hinduism which is broad-hearted and tolerant.

They do a disservice to Hindu religious unity by their emphasising superficial diversity in appearance instead of emphasising the essential unity of the Reality.

Let me assure you that Goddesses Sarasvati, Parvati, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, Bhavani and Lord Siva, Narayana, Brahman, Rama, Krishna, Dattatreya, Hanuman, Garuda, Kartikeya are all Divine forms that are in reality the One and the same Universal Spirit.

They are all one.

There is neither difference nor antagonism between them.

It is not only childish but also foolish to deny this truth.

You must be wise and recognise the fact that as a Hindu you know that there is only one God.

If you are a Muslim, you may call Him Allah.

If you are Christian you call Him Almighty Father in Heaven, in the Synagogue the Jews give Him another name.

But know this without doubt, the Supreme Reality is One and the same.

If we are wise and use our commonsense then you will not argue and debate and fight and quarrel.

We will know and clearly understand that all Divine forms are symbolic and signify one God who has manifested multifariously in order to help human beings in various stages of Spiritual evolution and of different tastes and temperaments and capacities to find a suitable expression of the Divine that appeals to their temperament and attracts their devotion and thus enables them to focus their mind.


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Sri Swami Chidananda

To be continued  ......