Hinduism : Part-13.

Monotheism and Polytheism Reconciled


But for awareness, nothing can be cognised.
But for awareness, no knowledge is possible.

Knowledge itself has as its basis the knower.

The knower can be the knower only if It is a centre of luminous awareness, knowing all things.

It shines everywhere as awareness—prajnanam brahma.

That ultimate Reality is awareness, consciousness, which existing all things become known to exist.

Without consciousness there would be nothing, no knowledge.

Nothing is possible.

Because the irreducible, axiomatic reality or the truth is that there is a great awareness—chaitanyam sashvatam santam vyomatitam niranjnanam (…who is pure Consciousness, eternal, peaceful, beyond ether, and untainted).

Beyond all categories, beyond all phenomena there is pure consciousness, which alone knows everything and is able to proclaim anything and everything.

Sri Swami Chidananda
To be continued  ......

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