Hinduism : Part-5.

Monotheism and Polytheism Reconciled


First and foremost, the central truth that you must now grasp at the very outset is that all these seemingly different deities are actually varied manifestations of that One Supreme Godhead.

The glory, the grandeur and the power of the One Supreme Being are limitless and indescribable.

The different divine forms whose names have been mentioned above are all varied expressions of this glory, power, grandeur and a mysterious divine nature of the Supreme Being.

Their distinctive forms have been so revealed as to bring out and express best that particular aspect of the Divine Reality which they are meant to convey.

Thus even though appearing to be many and different, they are actually so many personified expressions of the One and the same Supreme Reality.

They reveal aspects of His power and glory.

When you have caught this point you will now see that though they seem to be distinct yet they are not different.

In this marvelous universe and the mysterious forces, we behold in it the power of the Supreme.

 Being functions in a variety of ways as required by His divine plan and purpose which is being worked out through these Cosmic processes going on in this universe.

Sri Swami Chidananda

To be continued  ......

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