Gospel of Lord Krishna : Sri Swami Sivananda -1.

Salutations to Lord Sri Krishna, the sweetest manifestation of the Supreme Being! Sri Krishna is regarded as the Purna-Avarata of God. He was perfect in every respect. God is all-pervading; Sri Krishna’s life-on-earth, too, was all-comprehensive. Study Srimad Bhagavatam and the Mahabharata. You will understand what a multifaceted diamond Sri Krishna was. He was a wonderful child, divine boy, resplendent youth, dearest friend, mighty warrior, wise administrator, sweet comrade, master of diplomacy, protector of the meek, death of the wicked, preserver of Dharma, clever strategist, humble servant, obedient pupil, dutiful son, loving husband and Supreme Guru. These and countless others are but aspects of His Immanence as Krishna. Above all these, He is God who, in his own transcendental nature, is the Lord of lords, the father and mother of all creation, the very Soul of all that exists. He is the substratum of all existence. He is the Reality, immortal, eternal, infinite and absolute. He is not only immortal but He is Immortality Itself.

It is, therefore, in the fitness of things that the scripture that He propounded should partake of all these great virtues that characterised His Divine Manifestation and His transcendental Nature. His Gospel is so comprehensive that everyone can draw inspiration and guidance from it, whatever his social status may be, whatever his profession and in whatever stage of spiritual evolution he may be. For, in his Gospel the Lord has woven a beautiful and universal pattern of ethics that would appeal and apply to all.

The grand edifice of the ethics of his Gospel has been built on the eternal corner-stones of  : -
(1) Immortality of the Soul,
(2) Immanence of God,
(3) Impermanence of the world and
(4) Immediacy of liberation.
Because these truths are universal, the ethics of his Gospel also have universal application.

Existing as He does as the very Immortal Principle in all-beings, Lord Krishna proclaims with unimpeachable authority, the immortality of the Soul. Being manifest here in this world as the very life and soul of all beings, He reveals the immanence of God. Being the witness of the actions of Prakriti (Nature) and the interplay of the Gunas (qualities), and in the perfect knowledge of the nature of this play of the Gunas. He declares that the objects of the world are evanescent, that all that is born must die and that all that is created must perish. Being the One who is conscious of the one imperishable, indivisible Truth which is never affected by the illusory play of Prakriti in which the Jiva (individual) which is essentially one with that Supreme Being, dreams that he is dumb-driven and bound, the Lord asserts that liberation is possible here and now.

To be continued ...

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