Sivananda's Personality-97.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan

1. In The Great Bhuma Experience, the Master attempts a description of what it is alike:

I merged myself in great unending joy,
 I swam in the ocean of immortal bliss,
 I floated in the sea of infinite peace,
 Ego melted, thoughts subsided,
 Intellect ceased functioning,
 The senses were absorbed,
 I remained unawakened to the world,
 I saw myself everywhere.

2. In The Dawn of a New Life, the Master makes a further attempt to express the inexpressible.

All my sorrow is over,
 My heart is now brimming with, joy,
 Peace has entered my Soul,
 All doubt, fear and delusion have vanished,
 I was suddenly lifted out of myself,
 There was dawn of a new life,
 I experienced the inner world of Reality,
 The Unseen filled my heart and soul,
 I entered the vast, luminous Silence,
 I bathed in a flood of effulgence ineffable,
 I came on the hidden spring of all life,
 I am the Light that illumines the entire universe.

Mysticism breathes in almost every line of the Master’s poem entitled, Speechless Zone.

In the perfect, nameless, formless void,
 In the unlimited expanse of bliss,
 In the region of matterless, mindless, joy,
 In the realm of timeless, spaceless stillness,
 In the infinite zone of speechless, thoughtless peace,
 In the transcendental abode of sweet harmony,
 I united with the Supreme Effulgence,
 The thought that we are one or two vanished,
 I crossed the sea of birth for ever;
 This is all due to the Grace of the Lord,
 Who danced in Brindavan with rhythmic, jingle,
 Who raised Govardhan as umbrella for the cowherds.

Having attained the goal, the sage still moved among men as an ordinary man. But who could hide the aroma of a Self-realised soul? It wafted everywhere, around the world and across the seas. People were drawn. They were magnetised. Those who came thus under the spell of the God-man, absorbed and carried away with them as much light as they were capable of. The God-man Sivananda stood serene, calm, impartial.

"I give myself to whosoever claims me," he declared. And they claimed him by the thousands and tens of thousands as their Guru, as their redeemer, as their saviour.

The End

Swami Sivananda
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