Sub : Complaint against Kamal Haasan for his quip about gambling in Mahabharata :


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Sub : Complaint against Kamal Haasan for his quip about gambling in Mahabharata :

Ref : Illusion of becoming beyond one's own level -

'In a recent interview with a Tamil channel, Kamal Hassan had made a comment about how in the epic tale of Mahabharata, Panchali was used as a pawn while the men gambled. He observed how she was used as a collateral and India is a country that respects and honours a book that revolves around men using a woman to gamble away as if she was a mere object."

1. Tamil people  install cinema actors on the top of the tower, without any sense,

2. There are many incidents and examples, where unnecessary elevations to worthless stupid actors in TamilNadu,

3. This elevation made the actors think themselves in very larger way, and speak foolish things,

4. There is a tendency in misusing epics terms in films, and quote Gita, spell slokam-s without any context by film industry,

5. Dasavatharam, Viswarupam are two terms this actor used as film titles, not good for Bharathiya is concerned,

6. Our Veda-s, Upanishads, Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Epics, Maha Bhagavatham and many more Scriptures are treasures of Bharathiya,

7. Ramayanam and Maha Bharatham are our Epics,

8. They are not mere story books,

9. Each role has certain importance to us, Each spells very important tattvam to us, Each action in the theme is teachings to us, one has to visualise them by his inner eyes.

10. Kamal hasan, thinks too much of himself, In Tamil, there is a saying : kartathu kai-man alavu, kallathatu ulagalvu,

11. So Kamal Hassan should not attempt any thing which are outside and beyond  his knowledge limits,

12. Now ref  ; - Police Complaint Against Kamal Hassan for Hurting Hindu Sentiments : Members of the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) have lodged a police complaint against actor Kamal Hassan, accusing him of making derogatory remarks against Hindus.

Note :-

1. People of TamilNadu, create noise without understanding the subject and fall behind Dravidian parties, and people connected cinema,

2. Bharthiya were hurt by Dravidian politics, when Keemayanam was staged to insult Ramayanam, in Chennai then, no one protested,

3. Brahmins were, hurt by the same way, now what is now, TamilNadu is filled with very strong caste divisions and hatred among them,

4. Now Kamal Hassan, statement is ridiculous, hurt every one who love this holy Nation and her Upanishadic Culture,

5. Instead  of wasting on silly things like jallicuttu, Reality is questioned here by the actor, raise against and protest the evil mind.

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  To be continued....

This man insulted our Scriptures, Our Epic, Wonder the so called Acharya-s keep silent, Very shame to each Bharatiya, needs to be condemned 
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