Sivananda's Personality-80


It was another principle which the Master adhered to in all his work—attention to details and thoroughness of execution. If something was to be done at all, it should be done well, not in a slip-shod way, no matter what the work was, and how big or small it was. Then only will such work become worship of God.

On August 3, 1956, the Master laid the foundation stone for a market in Rishikesh. After he returned to his cottage, his disciples discussed the way in which he had done the stone-laying. Many felt that the Master need not have taken the trouble to do the actual work of the mason.

"Swamiji, generally big individuals, when they lay the foundation stone of an important building, merely place a little bit of mortar as a formality."

"But I am not a big man," remonstrated the Master, and explained his attitude in the matter. "All that we do should be done with all our heart and soul, and to the maximum perfection possible. As the saying goes, ‘Even if the dead person is a sweeper woman, the obsequies should be done well’. If I am to be a mason for a moment, I should do that work well and to my satisfaction. There is no formality for me. Every bit of work allotted to me I should do well."

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
 To be continued ...