Sivananda's Personality-76.


Talking to a visitor in the Ashram one day, the Master showed him his several notebooks, pens and watches. "People think that a Sannyasin should not have this or use that," he said, tapping a call-bell playfully. "But I have no such notions. Service is the thing. Work, work and work for the welfare of humanity. Keep the instruments—the body and mind—in a fit and healthy condition for the work.

I am a different kind of Sannyasin. I like to serve. People imagine that a Sannyasin should always be grave and sit like this (here the Master actually closed his eyes and sat erect), and thus give the impression to them that he is a liberated sage. But I am of a different type. Work should be your meditation. That is my method."

With regard to work, too, the Master was guided by certain principles. D.I.N.—do it now. When he wished to do a thing he would do it immediately.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
 To be continued ...