Sivananda's Personality-74.


"Bodily mortification alone cannot lead to enlightenment.

There should be the calming of passions and discipline of the mind," wrote the Master.

"Just as striking at an ant-hill will not destroy the snake within, so also no amount of physical torture can kill the mind within."

Likewise, while remaining a true Sannyasin, the Master retained a good aesthetic sense.

He would give matchless appreciation for a German bag, an exquisite coffee set, a beautiful coat, a lovely cloth, or delicious eatables.

In him one saw, not a cynical rejection of the world, but acceptance of it as the form of the Divine.

This was a remarkable feature of the Master’s personality.

While he could resist the temptation of sense-objects, he could with equal facility enjoy them without getting attached to them.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
 To be continued ...