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All self-centred, mutual hand-shaking corrupts, many-faced and hypocrites fools carry photograph of another criminal, to cheat the public, another group with age old criminal, all these just blind people of Tamil Nadu, by Sentamizh, Movie dialogues --- Drama is continuing with new scenes enacted

                All Members,
         Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

Sub : Future of TamilNadu : 2. ? ...

Ref : Beware people of Tamil Nadu, Friends, use your discrimination, this is not your wasted human resources agitation for Jallikattu, Do not fall prey to cinema fellows, or some stupid politicians, these demonic groups will exploit your emotions .....

1. Hectic political drama continuing ...

2. Dear friends open your discrimination powers, analyse the situations, separate good and bad, throw the bad out ..

3. This the time to rethink, till this day, Dravidian parties fooled you and stole public money into their self-accounts, in the name of Tamil spirits, in the name of anti-Brahmans, in the name of anti-Hindi, in the name of South decaying and North growing, --

4. You need good people with great vision, abilities, such as Sri Rajaji,CV.Raman, Venkataraman Ramakrishnan, Srinivasa Ramanuajan, Subramanyam Chandrasekar, MS.Swaminathan, Krishnaswamy Rangarajan, AP.Abdul kalam ... and many more ...

5. Do not follow Cinema Industry and its stupid actors, their place is screen only, not for Governance, as it is not their field ...

6. Look around, with open eyes, open ears, open mind, keeping your mouth shut, you will find exemplary people fit for the job ...

7. Do not believe, Dravidian parties, Congress, Communists, and all   other sundry match stick parties lead by corrupt, stupid, demons ..

8. Keep Indian feelings on priority than regional emotions, stop thinking Tamils you know the history, Muvenderkal who ruled the south, who Chera, Chola, Pandia kings, did not go and  prevent Mulim invasions on Bharatham, although those kings were strong in Tamil Nadu, again we failed to prevent British rule.

9. Tippu reached Sriranga-Pattanam, and you know what was Tippu's intention!?

10. Act, act, and keep away from bad regional politics and its corruption leaders .....

1. New avatar claiming her slot, because she is niece of Jayalalitha !!!
Look at these vedikkai, Tamasha, JOKE =JOKER, WITH OTHER JOKERS

Thank you for reading
  To be continued...

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