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{1. DMK is equally corrupt, along with AIADMK, 2. Tamil Nadu really worry about their future, they should find a worthy team lead by able dedicated sincere and honest person}


SUB : {1. DMK is equally corrupt, along with AIADMK, 2. Tamil Nadu really worry about their future, they should find a worthy team lead by able dedicated sincere and honest person}

Ref : What were the scams made during DMK rule in Tamil Nadu?

DMK has been facing allegations regarding 2G Spectrum Scam by A.Raja and Kanimozhi, the daughter of Karunanidhi.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi has reportedly asked the investigative agency to file chargesheet against former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran and his brother Kalanidhi Maran, who are involved in the alleged Aircel-Maxis scam.
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is likely to file chargesheet against DMK party member Dayanidhi and his brother Kalanidhi, as Rohatgi claimed on Tuesday that the agency has enough evidence to chargesheet the Maran brothers.
A brief look into the major incidences in the scam :
2006: The then-telecom minister Dayanidhi allegedly forced Sterling Group Chairman C Sivasankaran to sell 74 percent of Aircel's share to Malaysia-based Maxis group, owned by Krishnan. Thereafter, Dayanidhi granted licences for 14 telecom circles to Aircel at a cost of ₹1,399 crore.
It was also alleged that if Comptroller and Auditor General valuation of 2G licenses is taken into consideration, the 14 licences granted to Aircel would have cost a huge sum of ₹22,000 crore. The allegations followed with claims that Dayanidhi offered $800 million to Sivasankaran for selling his telecom company to Maxis.
2007: In February, Krishnan's South Asia Entertainment Holding Ltd (SAEHL) allegedly invested around ₹600 crore in Kalanidhi's Sun Direct TV Pvt Ltd. This deal gave SAEHL 20 percent stake in Sun TV, while Dayanidhi bought the remaining 80 percent stake.
2011: In April, Sivasankaran reportedly filed a complaint with the CBI, citing that he sold off Aircel to Maxis under pressure from Dayanidhi, against whom CBI filed an FIR in October.
2014: Due to differences in the opinion between CBI director Ranjit Sinha and its investigating officers, the case was forwarded to Rohatgi.

My view
1. People of Tamil Nadu wake up and search a good person to lead you!
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To be continued..

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