Sivananda's Personality-66.


The Master continued, "The programme will be that in the morning we should arrange for consecrated food-offerings for the departed souls.

There will be a special Ekadasa-Rudra-Abhishekam at the temple.

We can have feeding of the poor and Sadhus also.

In the evening there will be special Ganga worship, when lights will be floated in the waters of the Ganges in the names of the departed souls.

There should also be special illumination in the temple."

An Ashramite put on a wry face, "More expenses."

"Ohji, don’t worry about funds," said the Master.

"They will come.

When the ancestors are pleased they will goad their descendants to contribute to the Society.

When old people hear of this arrangement they will allot some portion of their properties to the Society in their will. Our motive should be pure; we should always endeavour to serve all with selfless love. God will look after us."

 Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
 To be continued ...