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It was her manipulations of democracy that started its downward descent, a process that has expanded exponentially and diversified in every conceivable direction with the passage of decades.Part-2.

                All Members,
         Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


Sub :  Indira mistakes cost India dearly

Ref :  The most pernicious legacy left behind by Indira Gandhi is the lumpenisation and criminalisation of politics.
 Sanjay Gandhi

11. The most pernicious legacy left behind by Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi to India's political ethic, that we see in its full blown form today, is the lumpenisation and criminalisation of politics, mainstreaming and institutionalising corruption in governmental and social systems, and distorting and subverting the term "secularism" by pitting it against the majority community, deepening vote bank politics, and trying to divide the country once more on the basis of religion.

12. The best Prime Minister that India has had till today, is the one that Congress Party never talks about, whose picture is never seen in their literature, and whose outstanding contribution has never been acknowledged.

13. Lal Bahadur Shastri's tenure was short, curtailed by unkind providence, but his two great achievements need to be highlighted to the people of India.

14. Way back in 1961, as Home Minister, Shastri saw the steady rise of corruption to the highest decks of our political life, and realised that India's problems, particularly its appalling poverty find their source in corruption.

Sastriji and family

15. He appointed the Committee on Prevention of Corruption under K. Santhanam, one offshoot of which was the constitution of the Central Vigilance Commission. Have we ever heard the Congress leadership speak proudly of these contributions? Naturally not, because he was not from the dynasty.

16. His second achievement, completely concealed from today's voter, was even more magnificent.

Tashkent Declaration

17. After the 1964 Indo-Pak war, he leveraged India's dominant position to heal the Kashmir ulcer created by Nehru's ceasefire folly, and attendant Indo-Pak problems, by a few simple sentences in the Tashkent Declaration — that both India and Pakistan will settle their disputes through peaceful means, not attempt to change the existing status quo by force, and not even indulge in propaganda for changing it. This was unprecedented.

18. But, Indira Gandhi, victorious in the 1971 Indo-Pak war for Bangladesh, holding 93,000 Pakistani prisoners of war, allowed the clever Bhutto to talk her into releasing them under the so called Simla Agreement, which apart from being otherwise useless, contained the final clause that the two Prime Ministers will meet to find a final solution to the Kashmir problem.

19. What Shastri had made final and unalterable, Indira made tentative and negotiable, almost as if she was determined to revive the Kashmir ulcer. History shall never forgive her for this crime against the nation.

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