Sivananda's Personality-48.


It was now dark. The Master was coming on his way to the Satsang. They told him about the injured man. The Master changed direction and turned towards the hospital ward. He went near the patient’s bedside and stood still for awhile as the onlookers eagerly awaited his reaction.

"Let us now chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for the health and speedy recovery of Dilip Kumar Roy." With the announcement, the Master began chanting the Mantra. He called for a tin of biscuits and placed it on a bedside stool. He instructed the attendants, "Lord Narayana has come in this form. Please give him the biscuits in the morning with tea or milk." The gossiping devotees were silenced!

The Master saw God in animals, nay, even in inanimate things. He bowed mentally to ants and asses, to stones, trees and rivers, to the sky, the sun and the moon, to chairs and tables, to pillars and posts. He talked to them. He told his students again and again, "Practise this Sadhana and see. Do this for some months and mark the change in yourself. You will be a different and changed man, a God-man with God-vision."

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
 To be continued ...