Sivananda's Personality - 44.

The Master saw God in enemies and in dacoits. On January 8, 1950, during the evening Satsang at the Ashram, a disgruntled inmate, Govindan by name, aimed three blows at the Master’s head with a crude axe. But in the dim light of the oil lamp—electricity had not come to the Ashram then—he missed his mark and hit the door and the wall instead. Only the wooden handle struck on the heavily turbaned head. The assailant was caught and the police were called in, but the Master would not let Govindan be prosecuted.

"Do you mean to say that anything would happen without the Lord’s Will behind it?" he argued. "God alone prompted Govindan to do what he did. Are the words of the scriptures: ‘I am the gambling of the fraudulent’, and ‘prostration to the chief of the robbers’, mere words? Does not the same omnipresent Lord indwell the robber and the dacoit, the murderer and the burglar? No, no, I will not let the police charge Govindan. The Lord has spared my life as there is still some service to be performed through this body. I must go on with that service. That is all this incident indicates to me."

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
To be continued ...