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Modi's address was terrific, can see why he is popular: US Congressman, adds further Modi wants deeper US-India security relationship


Sub : It's statesmanship.

Ref : Narendra Modi's promises in US Congress :

1. Modi's  address was terrific, can see why he is popular: US Congressman

2. Modi wants deeper US-India security relationship

3. Time heals everything.

4. It's statesmanship.

5. Modi's 45-minute speech was a success.

The 45-minute speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the joint session of the US Congress, acknowledged with 10 standing ovations and 69 rounds of applauses, is one of his best so far.

This will go down in history with the Wembleys and Madison Square Gardens. It also tells us why Modi is one of the finest orators India has ever seen and an expert PR strategist. The prime minister has evolved his own method of conquering an international audience despite his perceived imperfections in the use of the English language.

The best way to win the confidence of your audience, particularly in a foreign soil, is to praise them. Praise them abundantly and do so again and again, till they fall flat on your feet. Commend their success and the good things they have done in the past for us. Keep mum on the perils and pain they have inflicted on us.

Hence, Modi has done well by praising the US as a great democracy that has stood with India during the needy hours and pretending to ignore how the US has covertly funded terrorism in the region, particularly in Pakistan, that has always found its way across the border to Indian army posts and terrorist camps.

It's statesmanship.
Modi's 45-minute speech was a success.

It touched upon a range of critical issues of bilateral cooperation between the world's 'largest and oldest democracies' in the areas of energy security, terrorism, climate change and on the need to revamp international institutions (read as the UN) to meet the needs of present-day society situations.

The hardened audience of the US Congress, including the US vice-president Joe Biden, responded to every word Modi spoke and acknowledged the prime minister's observations with standing ovations and prolonged applause - a feast for our eyes.

The attention Modi commands internationally, especially in the US where his bromance with his 'friend Barack' is now part of the local folklore, will make every Indian excited. That is especially so when one compares the prime minister with some of his predecessors who were men of few words and relatively low profiles.

It doesn't appear to make any difference to Modi whether he is speaking to the elite, hardened politicians of US Congress or an NRI crowd in Wembley. He does it the same way as he addresses a political rally in Patna. Also, it doesn't bother him that the same country treated him as an outcast a few years ago and denied him entry.

Time heals everything.

During his 45-minutes extempore speech, there wasn't a moment of unease.

"For my government, the Constitution is its real holy book. And, in that holy book, freedom of faith, speech and franchise, and equality of all citizens, regardless of background, are enshrined as fundamental rights," Modi said.

The prime minister has indeed pulled off another massively successful performance, this time in the 'temple' of the world's oldest democracy. The respect and attention Modi has commanded will make every Indian feel proud and will benefit the country if the promises on the $45 billion in investment and commitments on civil nuclear cooperation translate to action and the US aids India's claim to a stronger position in the UN.

Truth -
1. Nation progressing,

2. World respect Bharatham,

3. Future is Bright.

4. Beware of trouble creators at home -Congress, Communists, all regional family owned parties, etc..

5. Beware of our neighbours China and Pakistan, both are associated and joint  trouble makers with jealousy, and intolerance.

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