Sivananda's Personality - 24.


The Master’s compassion was not confined to beings on the earth-plane alone.
On January 13, 1949, he confronted the Ashramites with a suggestion, "From now onward the first of every month will be observed here as ‘All-Souls Day’.

We should offer special prayer for the peace of all departed souls. In this modernised, materialistic world, Dharma has long since been lost.
Many religions have come into being in India itself which condemn ancestor-worship, Shraddhas and Tarpana.

The departed souls are in great grief.
They look to us for help.

We must do this."

The Master continued,

 "The programme will be that in the morning we should arrange for consecrated food-offerings for the departed souls. There will be a special Ekadasa-Rudra-Abhishekam at the temple. We can have feeding of the poor and Sadhus also. In the evening there will be special Ganga worship, when lights will be floated in the waters of the Ganges in the names of the departed souls. There should also be special illumination in the temple."

An Ashramite put on a wry face, "More expenses."

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
 To be continued  ...