Sivananda's Personality - 19.

On another occasion the Master went to Ganga Sagar.

The water was rough and the ferry-boat heaved alarmingly.

While all the pilgrims somehow got onto the steamer from the ferry, an old woman, a member of the Master’s party, was frightened beyond her wits.

She was at the same time too full of the instinctive feminine modesty to accept the Master’s aid.

He immediately saw her plight and did not waste time to argue.

In a trice the protesting woman found herself gently and reverentially lifted up, and safely deposited on board the steamer, good-naturedly riled by her daughters, laughing merrily at the Master’s effective tactics!

While he did not hesitate to act thus in an emergency, the Master warned his followers that they should at all times be uniformly decent, delicate and courteous.

"Always have consideration for the feelings of others," he would tell them. "Never be discourteous and rough in the name of service."

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
To be continued  ...