Sivananda's Personality - 6


The Master often bowed to a visitor even before the latter could make up his mind to bow to him.

On many an occasion he touched the feet of the visitor before the latter could conquer the hesitation to touch his.

He would not hesitate to put the shoes on for one who found it difficult to bend.

Early in 1938, N.P. Kaliandasani, the hypnotist of Kalyan, read an article wherein the Master had mentioned that to bake roti on coal kept on the palm was only a trick and not magic.

Wanting very much to learn the trick from the Master, Kaliandasani went to Rishikesh in August, 1939.

The hypnotist related his experience later on, "The Swamiji did not know me at all. As soon as I entered his room and bowed down before him, he himself placed his hand on my foot. At this I flinched as to how the great saint repaid our salaams, and I really forgot the object of my going over to him. The current of his eyes compelled me to think high in life. My tongue at last said to him that I had come to have Guru Mantra."

The Master always tried to greet a person in the latter’s mother tongue.

He was always eager to please people and put them at ease.

Thus, besides Tamil, English, Hindi and Malay, which he knew well, he learnt words of greeting, proverbs and poems, songs and couplets, in several other languages.

A Gujarati visitor to him would invariably be greeted with a sweet "khem che"; a Bengali Babu with a "kemon achen".

 A guest from Maharashtra, Andhra or Mysore would meet with like treatment.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
To be continued  ...