Sivananda's Personality - 4.

It so happened one day in 1956 that an old South Indian lady walked into the Ashram office to have Darshan of the Master.

He greeted her with an "Om" and folded hands, showed her a seat and made kind enquiries about her health and her pilgrimage.

When he resumed his work the lady quietly walked out. Near the dispensary she asked an Ashramite, "Where is Swamiji? When can I see him?"

"Swamiji is in the office. Why, you are coming from there only!" said the Ashramite, visibly amused.

With tears in her eyes the old lady went back and prostrated at the Master’s feet.

Similarly in the forties, one Adiga from Tirthahalli visited the Ashram.

Chancing to come upon the Master and taking him for just another inmate, he asked to be guided to the room of his friend, Sridhar.

The Master did not disclose his identity but took the visitor courteously to Sridhar’s room and left him there.

Not for the Master to assume manners or put on airs.

Principal R.N. Nathani of Kandiaro went to Rishikesh to see him in December, 1940.

He desired to stage the Master’s Brahmacharya Drama in his school, and requested the Master to teach him the tunes of the songs in the script.

The Master gladly went a few times to the Ashram room where the principal was staying and taught him how to sing the lines.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
To be continued  ...


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