Sivananda's Personality- 3.

Paying a handsome tribute to his voice, Dr. Hari Prasad Shastri, founder of Santi Sadan, London, once commented, "We cannot describe our joy when we heard on the gramophone the sweet and holy voice of this great advocate of spiritual life.

It was indeed an unforgettable thrill."

The Master’s walking made no sound.

For years he walked barefoot, but in later life took to canvas shoes.

There was a poise in his every movement.

When he spoke, the flow of language was steady and natural, and tongue-slips were conspicuous by their absence.

In appearance the Master was far too simple—no colourful marks on the forehead, no matted locks or flowing beard, no rosaries around his neck, no beads, bangles or ear-rings—just enough clothing to protect his person from the weather and to ensure decency in society.

In winter he wore an overcoat and in summer two large pieces of cotton, one around his waist, and the other over his shoulders and across his chest.

Sri N. Ananthanarayanan
To be continued  ...