Early morning classes used to be conducted in the Ashram, when Swamiji himself would go round every room at 4 a.m., stopping at every door and telling in sweet words, "It is Brahmamuhurta. Wake up!"

On hearing his words, everyone would run to the morning meditation classes.

But later, aspirants were not so enthusiastic in attending the early morning classes.

People did not want to get trained and face some hardships.

In this connection, I shall just tell you a humorous incident.

I was then (in 1934) put up in a room at Brahmanandashram.

It was mid-winter.

One day at 4 a.m. Swamiji came to my Kutia all the way from Ananda Kutir in that biting wintry morning to wake me up.

It was a distance of nearly half a mile.

Peeping through the window he called 'Maharaj! OM! Maharaj! OM!"

Twice I got annoyed and replied, "Maharaj, Kya Chahiye?" (What do you want)

I could not make out who was standing at the door (Swamiji, it seems, had his voice purposely changed).

Again, "Maharaj! OM .... !".

Now it was definitely his voice.

I got up as though in a shock and Swamiji mildly said, "Maharaj, you are sleeping.

It is Brahmamuhurta".

I replied how the previous night I kept late hours busying myself with urgent work of the Ashram.

Swamiji joyously remarked that when a sleeping man is disturbed he would lose his temper, but that I was very mild and sweet in my reply!

To be continued  ...