Guru—Disciple : 18.


So there is no distinction here between ‘I am the Guru’ or ‘you are the Guru’ or ‘so and so is the Guru’.

But this much is definite, that you must serve the Guru.

Why? Only then is this mirror ground and polished nicely, otherwise it doesn’t reflect the truth. Here we are talking of non-verbal communication.

The inner spiritual experience cannot be put into words, cannot be communicated by means of language.

Language is totally inadequate.

This is a realm in which language has no application at all.

You may read all the books in the world, you may listen to a million talks, all this is useless.

You may meet thousands and thousands of Swamis, holy men and prophets, even avatars, incarnations of God himself.

All this is also totally useless.

I am not trying to discourage you, but I hope you realise that in the time of Jesus Christ how many were enlightened?

How many believed in him?

He only had a small bunch of people.

Ten of them ran away, one of them betrayed him and the other one denied him.

If this could happen to Jesus Christ, how many real disciples do these Swamis and Gurus have?

The same thing happened to Krishna. Only two or three people were able to respond to him.

Sri Swami Venkatesananda
To be continued  ....