Guru—Disciple : 17.


While talking to Swami Sivananda he expressed some difficulty, in that although he did not lack good ideas, he did not have workers, somebody to execute his ideas.

Swami Paramananda was there with Swami Sivananda at that time as his disciple, but there was no ashram in those days, they were both mendicants.

It seems that Swami Sivananda looked at Swami Paramananda and said :-

"Go with him and serve him as you would serve your own Guru," the idea being that Guru Seva is necessary.

It does not mean that I want your service, but service of the Guru is necessary.

Serve the Guru, whoever it is.

There is another example which is the reverse.

A disciple of some other Swami in South India came to Gurudev’s ashram, liked Gurudev and stayed as Brahmachari.

Later the Swami from South India visited the ashram and told Gurudev he would like to initiate his disciple into sanyas.

Gurudev said: "Very good, he is your disciple, initiate him."

He didn’t say that the disciple was now with him, so he must initiate him.

Even after that the disciple continued to stay with Gurudev until the end of his life.

Sri Swami Venkatesananda
To be continued  ....