Guru—Disciple : 9.


You see a great master like Swami Sivananda.

So many people go to him and suddenly their lives are transformed.

A rogue suddenly becomes a saint, a fool becomes a wise man.

You are standing looking at the whole thing and you say : "My God, nothing has happened to me."

This means I am still the same old fool.

He seems to be alright because the others are benefiting by his teaching, but nothing is happening to me.

This means there is something wrong with me.

So I must work a little harder on myself, because the knowledge that the Guru imparts to the disciple is essentially non-verbal.

It is incapable of being verbalised.

Sri Swami Venkatesananda
To be continued  ....

Swami Sivananda with his disciple Swami Venkatesananda