Guru—Disciple : 15.


So eat, drink and be merry, fight, quarrel, and kill others and you will be powerful and rule the three worlds.

What he forgot was the comprehensive definition, that the self is beyond hunger and thirst, pain and sorrow.

A little later the other fellow, the chief of the gods, comes along and asks the same question, and Brahma the teacher also gives him the same instruction.

"Look into the mirror. What do you see?"

Indra replies, "I see myself."

"That is the self," says Brahma.

So Indra goes away but begins to reflect.

"I can fight with all and become the emperor of the three worlds, but this old man mentioned that the self is beyond hunger and thirst, pain and sorrow. This body is not like that. It is subject to all these and more."

So he goes back to Brahma and asks : -

"Please can I have some instruction."

Brahma replies :-

"If you want to ask another question, go into the backyard and serve me for the next thirty-two years, then you will be allowed to ask a question."

Did Brahma the creator need a domestic servant?


Sri Swami Venkatesananda
To be continued  ....

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