Guru—Disciple : 13.


So here, both these seem to be necessary and both must arise simultaneously.

I must be an ardent aspirant, a first class disciple and I must be entirely receptive.

I must have entered into this inner silence which means that my ego must have been completely destroyed already.

Then, when I go and stand in front of an enlightened person, there is instantaneous non-verbal communication, otherwise there is danger.

This danger is pointed out in one of the Upanishads, where Brahma himself was the teacher—not the Guru but the teacher.

The gods and the demons (this distinction exists only in our dictionary, in reality they were all God’s children) were sitting and listening to Brahma, the Creator.

Brahma was telling his children to strive for self-knowledge, because if they attained self-knowledge they would go beyond hunger and thirst, pain and sorrow, and they would be the rulers of the three worlds.

Sri Swami Venkatesananda

To be continued  ....