Guru—Disciple : 10.


There is a very beautiful incident in the ‘Yoga Vasistha’,

when Vasistha goes on hammering the same idea into the heart and mind of Rama.

"All this is your own thought. You think you are so and so, you think you are this. You are not this. You think the world is this, the world is not this. l this is your own thinking process, mental activity. Drop that."

Suddenly Rama turns around and says :-

"In that case are you also my mental creation, my imagination? If so, why are you teaching me. Who are you teaching?"

Vasistha keeps quiet.

Rama turns to him again and says :-

"Hey, what kind of a Guru are you? I ask you a question and you are not answering."

And Vasistha responds in a very beautiful way.

"It is not because I could not answer that I was quiet, but because silence was the answer to that question."

Ramana Maharishi has also said quite often that silence is the most eloquent language.

But am I, the student, the aspirant (I am not yet a disciple) capable of listening to that silence or not?

That is the problem.

So instead of appointing somebody as the Guru, I realise that Gurus are extremely rare in this world.

Sri Swami Venkatesananda
To be continued  ....