Guru—Disciple : 3.


Why am I labouring this point about the Guru?

If we don’t understand this, the relationship becomes terribly perverse.

It starts when you say :

"He is my Guru."

Why is he your Guru?

God alone knows for nothing has happened to you.

A Swami said once that a stone lies at the bottom of a lake.

You take it out, put it in the sun and it dries immediately because it hasn’t been influenced by the water.

So it is possible that your heart is like the stone.

It doesn’t respond to this Guru, and yet, because you have decided that he is your Guru, you have forged this kind of relationship.

You are convinced that you are the proper seeker. Then you find some kind of Swami and decide that he is your Guru.

Sri Swami Venkatesananda
To be continued  ....

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