Guru—Disciple : 1.


"I always bow to the Guru who is bliss incarnate, who bestows happiness, whose face is radiant with joy. His essential nature is knowledge. He is aware of his true self. He is the Lord of yogis, he is adorable, he is the physician who cures the disease of birth and death."

Sri Guru Gita—verse 93.

Who is a Guru? Or what is a Guru?

There is a beautiful text called the ‘Guru Gita’.

If you read it, you will probably dismiss all these Gurus as non-Gurus.

What you and I often refer to as Guru is in fact a teacher.

There are millions of teachers in the world.

There are academicians, professors, school masters.

Then there are your own parents, they teach you something or the other.

But Gurus? No.

They are not found in such profusion as we pretend they

A Guru is a very rare phenomenon.

On the other hand I may contradict myself by saying that if the disciple is ready, it is possible he finds the Guru, not in the conventional sense, but in a different sense.

Sri Swami Venkatesananda
To be continued  ....

Sri Swami Venkatesananda