Duty And Cosmic Will-7-2.

7. Aspects of Mind : 2.

Even after this, man finds it necessary to exercise his will, which is another aspect of his mind, to act according to the decision arrived at by the intellectual aspect of his mind.

When he does that he may be said to have used all the powers of his mind for doing any particular act.

There is no further responsibility for him.

He has done his best because he has exercised both his intellect and his will for the avoidance of the evil thought and the promotion of the good thought.
Ultimately, therefore, it is the feeling aspect of the mind that has to undergo proper scrutiny.

When we examine the feeling, as and when it arises in the mind, we get the clue to what we have been accustomed for a very long time to do, either in our past life or in this life itself.

Suppose a person finds a 100-rupee note lying on the road without anybody apparently observing it, what will be the reaction in his mind?

If he has been accustomed to grab things, with or without any justification, his mind will first tell him, "Take the money for yourself."

But if his mind has been trained in the past lives, or in this life itself, not to grab things which are not his, he will go away without caring for the money that lies on the road, or hand it over to the nearest police station.

It does not belong to him, and he does not want it.

Sri Swami Sadananda
To be continued  ....