Duty And Cosmic Will-6-

 6. Cosmic Will -

It is, indeed, very difficult to find out what Cosmic Will means.

There is the Cosmos worked by God according to His Will.

Therefore, God’s Will is Cosmic Will.

Otherwise, since cosmos is only a practically dead thing without intelligence in it, it will be difficult to understand how it can have a will of its own.

Without belief in God, belief in Cosmic Will or Cosmic Momentum becomes superfluous.

One can be in harmony with God’s Will only if one knows what it is.

The question, therefore, arises whether it is possible at all to know the Will of God.

To know anything we must have some kind of relationship between the object and ourselves; especially in the case of God’s Will or the mind there must be a kind of sameness between our will or mind and God’s Will or God’s Mind.

Is there anything like that?

The Upanishads declare that we are only part and parcel of the Ultimate Reality, or God.

That is the reason why it is possible for us to have some kind of conception relating to what God wills.

The question arises only when situations arise requiring us to decide what we should do and what we should not do.

Till then we act more or less like automatons as impulses guide us.

But during critical periods we are not quite clear what should be done and what should not.

We have no clear means to know what we can do to understand the Will of God.

It is possible to get the right solution by a careful examination of ourselves.

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Sri Swami Sadananda
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