The Esoteric Meaning of the Ten Avataras : - 7.

The third great lesson we learn from Parasurama’s life is this :

The Kamadhenu (the milch cow) which was in the possession of his father Jamadagni Rishi is stolen by a king.

In order to avenge this, Parasurama kills the kings.

He thinks his father would be pleased with his conduct, but he finds a different attitude in his father.

He severely reprimands him :

 "You have forgotten your own Dharma. You are a Brahmin, and the foremost duties of a Brahmin are forbearance and forgiveness. We should never retaliate. Bear patiently with everything. Since you have swerved from your duty, as an expiation, you should undertake a countrywide pilgrimage."

Parasurama has to go round Bharatavarsha on such a pilgrimage.

From this we learn that we should first completely annihilate our bestial nature and then, when we have become human beings truly, we should learn to subserve ourselves to our Guru, and then we should destroy all the evil propensities in us that stand in the way, as would be seen from the Rama Avatara.

Sri Swami Chidananda
To be continued  ...