Duty And Cosmic Will-2.

2. Basic Principles

We may, therefore, say that duty varies from time to time according to the stage of development reached by society.

Yet, underlying all these different forms of duty observable in different periods of time, there are certain fundamental principles which do not get changed.

For instance, the idea that one should love another as oneself is a duty which underlies all other forms of duty.

In short, we can say that there are one’s duty to the community and one’s duty to oneself.

What should one do to make oneself happy and what should one do to see that he does not create unhappiness to his neighbours?

That is the essence of real duty.

When one thinks of oneself, one has to ask the question of what one is.

One is not the body, or the mind, or the dweller in the body only.

One is all these as long as one is in the world and alive.

Therefore, one has a duty to one’s body, a duty to one’s mind, and a duty to the indweller.

Sri Swami Sadananda
To be continued  ....