Duty And Cosmic Will-1.

1. Introduction :

It is very difficult to explain what duty means.

There are different notions about duty, not only in different countries, but also in the same country, among different grades of society.

We may say that duty comes up only when society has been formed.

In a state of nature, where society is not organised, the idea of duty does not arise because, as in the animal world, there will be the attempt on the part of the strong to subdue the weak.

If you ask a tiger what its duty is, it might say that its duty is to kill all that can be killed and eaten.

Therefore, it is only after human society has been organised that the idea of duty arises.

It dawns upon the human mind because of the necessity to preserve oneself against one’s enemies.

There is a danger of the strong attacking the weak, and, therefore, civilized man requires that some control should be exercised by the strong over themselves lest they should do harm to the weak.

Sri Swami Sadananda
To be continued  ....