Dr.Verghese Kurien : "Father of the White Revolution", - (Operation Flood). (d). 2. & (e).

d. Film and its use in enlarging the movement : 2.

The movie's success gave Kurien another idea.

Like shown in the film, a vet, a milk technician and a fodder specialist who could explain the value of cross-breeding of milk cattle would tour other parts of the country along with the film's prints, to woo farmers there to create cooperatives of their own.

UNDP would use the movie to start similar cooperatives in Latin America.

e.  Personal life, family and beliefs :

Verghese married Molly and they had one daughter Nirmala Kurien and a grandson, Siddharth.

He was an atheist.

Verghese Kurien died on 9 September 2012 after a brief spell of illness in Nadiad, near Anand in Gujarat, India.

He was 90. His wife Molly died on 14 December 2012 in Mumbai after a brief illness.

To be continued   ....