Ever-green Revolution is the only pathway: Dr.MS Swaminathan : 5.

The Supreme Court of India has also raised several issues of public importance with reference to genetically modified crops and foods.

Several State Governments have imposed a ban on the testing of GMOs.

The Kerala Government has not allowed even the testing of genetically modified Rubber, although we need urgently rubber clones tolerant to higher temperature.

Another recent example of the need for greater interaction between scientists and local communities is the concern expressed by the public in relation to the Kudankulam and other Nuclear Power Plants.

Nuclear power is environmentally benign since it does not add to the green house gas burden.

On the other hand, there are concerns about the safety of the Nuclear Power Plants, particularly in the context of what happened at Chernobyl many years ago and Fukushima recently.

The tsunami induced Fukushima tragedy has given a big setback to the spread of nuclear power plants.

Nuclear waste disposal is another area which needs careful consideration.

The situation observed at Kudankulam where technical experts and the general public have been living in different worlds, emphasizes the need for fostering continuous interaction between the nuclear power plant authorities and the local communities.
Such interaction and conversation should begin from the very early stage of the conception and construction of a nuclear power plant.

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